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A Four-Hour Pill

I have a friend who is always coming up with things he’d like to invent. One day, when he was tired but still had hours left to work, he talked about inventing “a four-hour pill.” (Not to be confused, by … Continue reading

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Repurposed – A Much Used Word In Our Polygamous Household

I love the word “repurposing.” I have been doing it all my life, but I didn’t have a fancy word for it until now. As a teen, I took an old pair of jeans and repurposed it into a purse. … Continue reading

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My Main Squeeze

Let’s go by 7 p.m., he says. Okay, I’ll be ready. I get dolled up, dress up a little, do my make up, tussle with my hair. Ready when you are!

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Night Owls and Morning Larks

I have been reading a book called The Power of Rest, Why Sleep Alone Is Not Enough. It intrigued me because, even after a full night sleep, I often feel tired. I am always looking for solutions to get out of sleep … Continue reading

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Something’s Fishy – It’s Crowded In Our Polygamous Household!

Most days I have much to accomplish before my head can hit the pillow. By the time it does, I am usually exhausted and yearning for a long, deep sleep that will leave me refreshed and ready for the new … Continue reading

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Our Son Jed’s Class Project Starring Our Kids

For school Jed had to make a video and do his own editing.  He uses The Breeze by Dr. Dog for the sound track. It has a bunch of our children as participants, with a cute wedding portrayal of Boston and Angel. … Continue reading

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Fundamentalist Mormon Statement Against Warren Jeffs’ Child Abuse

As a family, we have followed the media reports from the Warren Jeffs trial with disgust that such evil exists and that young victims have endured this abuse. We stand united against such atrocities and support the following statement by … Continue reading

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Rolling With Life – Mishaps Happen In Polygamous Life Too!

Fortunately, we have a few teens in our polygamous family who are able to run errands for us when we’re super busy. Unfortunately, they are somewhat inexperienced drivers.

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Eat, Pray, Work?

My 9-year-old daughter Kyley likes to write. Awhile ago I found her seated at my computer, busily typing away. Kyley later let me read what she had written, which gave me a peek into how she sees her life — … Continue reading

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