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Why Do We Speak Up About Polygamy?

It is taboo in our culture to speak out. We have had many think we are putting what is sacred out to the world, some have said we have done it for attention, for money or other selfish motives, and … Continue reading

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We ARE Polygamists!

Today my son came home from football practice and as is usually the case, fills me in on some of the details of his day.  He said a friend told him his mom was reading our book and she liked … Continue reading

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Polygamous Family Experience on ABC 4 News Set

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Speaking On Our Polygamous Lifestyle to Millions of People

Watch Dr. Phil on YouTube Dr. Phil Uncensored: Love Times Three Backstage (Note: the shows producer told us that he never poses for pictures with the guests!)

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Salt Lake Tribune Review on Love Times Three, Our True Story of Polygamous Marriage

We were happy to get this review from the Tribune. Says if you buy one book on polygamy, buy Love Times Three. Read full review here!

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Salt Lake Tribune Interview on Our Polygamist Family

The local media is always the hardest to do and sometimes I am frustrated by it. Ultimately, I have grown in my respect for this profession, for democracy to work effectively it is imperative that the media performs their roll … Continue reading

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KUER Public Radio and Our Public Appearances

Today we did an interview on the local public radio show, Radio West with KUER or 90.1. It is one of the more in depth interviews we have done. Very difficult but respectful interview to do. Hope you enjoy. I … Continue reading

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Macleans of Canada Reviews Love Times Three Our True Story of a Polygamous Marriage

Macleans is described as the Time Magazine of Canada. Here is their review of Love Times Three. The case concerning the constitutionality of polygamy is still before the Canada supreme court. Alina testified earlier this year there. It will be … Continue reading

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Fresh Peach Pie

Late August to now is prime peach season for us.  Often we like to buy several bushels and can the peaches for winter use. With our busy schedule lately we now use the peaches fresh, on waffles or cut up … Continue reading

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Home, it’s where we want to be!

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