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KRCL Radio Interview on Darger Polygamous Family

We did the following interview with Troy Williams at a local radio station. The station actually is a public radio station and showcases a lot of local bands, and have featured our son Caleb and The Mighty Sequoyah which has … Continue reading

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Book Review From a Mormon Perspective

We just had a review come out under an popular blog, By Common Consent. You can read the full review here. We think for those who are serious enough to educate themselves and read they will find a different experience … Continue reading

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A Date With Bill O’Reilly

Our publicist, Suzanne, who has been amazing to work with at Harper, notified us early this week that she had an opportunity to go on the Bill O’Reilly show. He is the number one cable show by far she informed … Continue reading

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Toledo Blade Review

The Toledo Blade did a wonderful review on our book!

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On the hunt with the sister wives

One thing we sister wives love to do together is what we call garagin’. Most Saturdays throughout the summer we can find garage sales in our area, where good buys abound. On days when we are too busy to go … Continue reading

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I Nailed It! I think. . .

I have very thin, brittle finger nails and so I often get fake (acrylic) nails put on and I love them! The person who does my nails is always busy and it is hard to get an appointment with her. … Continue reading

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Library Journal Review Say Love Times Three Is Dull Enough For Church Groups

The Library gave us an interesting review. It is actually quite positive, and I suppose good that a broader audience can feel comfortable to read. I think those looking for the┬ásalacious┬áBig Love moments in our book will be disappointed. … Continue reading

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