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Pies and More Pies

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A Typical Polygamous Family Thanksgiving

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Canadian Supreme Court Case On Polygamy To Be Decided Wednesday November 23

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Grandfathers Magazine Article

I never really knew my grandfather, actually my mother’s step-father, a brother to her real father who died when she was a baby.  He lived 5 hours away and we had only visited a handful of times in my youth.  … Continue reading

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20/20 ABC to Air Story On Risking Jail As A Polygamous Family

Tonight is the big debut of 20/20 on our polygamous family.  We have done a lot of media, and this story was supposed to debut when the other media came out in September, but for various reasons they delayed it … Continue reading

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Liesl Darger Sings Justin Beiber Cover for the Holidays

Vicki’s daughter Liesl, like my daughter Amanda, loves to write and play music. As is typical with many young girls her age she has a particular fascination with Justin Bieber. We enjoyed it and thought we would share it here.

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Our Son and The Mighty Sequoyah Get Interviewed

When we wrote the book we realized that an important voice to be heard would be our children.  We wanted those that wrote to be over 18 so that they could write from a mature perspective but still give a … Continue reading

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Photos for a Family of Forty

It’s been awhile since my dad’s family has had our pictures taken. It’s no small feat when you think of the sheer numbers, as well as coordinating it for those siblings who live out of state. My other mother, Auntie … Continue reading

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Birthday for a Sisterwife

Early in our marriage, birthdays and other special events were often hard. The ladies would compare their birthdays and I stressed all the time about how to make it fair. If I spent the same amount of money for example, … Continue reading

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A Boat-load of Breadsticks

I was taught to make homemade bread in my early teens. It usually takes more than one lesson to learn it. Someone just doesn’t hand you the recipe and say, “Go to it!” At least that’s not how it happened … Continue reading

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