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The Importance Of Touch In A Relationship

Any one that has read our book probably knows that one of the books we recommend and has helped in our relationships is the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. If you have not read the book you can order … Continue reading

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The ‘Pitiable’ Position of a Plural Wife

Some of the frequently heard comments about my lifestyle are ‘these women must be really insecure to think that they don’t deserve a man to themselves,’ or ‘they must have a low self-worth to think they have to live that … Continue reading

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Why A Polygamous Marriage With My Twin Sister?

We just had an article published in the UK on my marriage. For the most part, I am happy with how it turned oul, however it was not written by me in the first person the way it is presented. The … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney and His Polygamous Persecution History Shapes Who He Is Today

There was a very insightful column today in the New York Times by David Brooks describing the history of the Romney family. I thought it was well done in that it gives a historical perspective of how his faith, and … Continue reading

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Australian Documentary on Mormon Polygamy

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Mormons find Polygamy Morally Offensive

The Washington Post, click here for the entire article, recently published an arctile based upon the Pew Institute poll concerning Mormons. I found the results a sad commentary on the state of things. While it is encouraging that Mitt Romney … Continue reading

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Keeping Kids Busy and Happy

My daughter Allie just turned eight.  She always wants to “spend special time” together.  This special time means making doll clothes, scrap book pages, painting, making cookies, or some other craft.  Although I love these activities, I don’t always have … Continue reading

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Boston Can Read!

Boston just turned 4, and this week, he read his first book—Jig and Mag.  He still sounds out some of the words first before he says them but some words he knows on sight.  I am so excited!

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Our Trusty Toyota Sienna Versus The Polyg Rig

We have no new vehicles, our newest is a 2006. We recently had as many as 10 vehicles in our household. This seems like a lot and it is, but when we have four adults, and Joseph, Caleb, Amanda, Jed, … Continue reading

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Is Polygamy Against the Utah Constitution?

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