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Determine Your Personal Decorating Style

At first sign of spring, I want to deep clean and redecorate. Who am I kidding? I just look for an excuse anytime. I love helping people with their projects and was thrilled when my friend wanted decorating advice; so … Continue reading

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Trains and Tots

Ever since Boston could sit up he LOVED trains!  He would take whatever toys were at hand; Matchbox Cars, Legos, Polly Pockets (he has a lot of sisters), blocks, and even books and form them into a long line, when … Continue reading

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Polygamy And The Inequity of Sexes Problem

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In Remembrance of Kyra Laine Darger

Last Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day; the day my daughter Kyra died eleven years ago. This is a day that I still mourn, but am grateful that we have a purpose to move forward. I struggled whether to put something … Continue reading

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All In The Family

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Design Junkie

I think I have always been an interior design junkie. When I was a child I would daydream about design, spending hours drawing layouts of rooms and furniture to fill them. In my mind I redecorated an old space over … Continue reading

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Where Are The American Muslim Polgamists?

I came across an article on how numerous Muslim polygamous are. They are estimated to be as much as Mormon polygamists. The full article can be read here.  It talks about how Mormon Polygamists such as us are working to change … Continue reading

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Muslim Spinster Crisis: Women Turn to Polygamy

I came across the following story out of the UK on Muslim women, given that we recently did an interview with Al Jazeera News Network I found it interesting, here it is:

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Colorado City Accident

We are sad to hear the news of the tragic life of young people from Plural Families on the Arizona Utah boarder. It looks like many of these children were from families from the FLDS community, some from members outside … Continue reading

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Emotional Attraction In Relationships From A Polygamous Man’s Perspective

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