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Choice In A Polygamous Family

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Getting Back To Center

As my teenagers would say, “I just got told!” I’ve been reading the many comments (both kind and truthful) posted regarding my little pity party. Boy, do I feel sheepish. I so appreciate all the love and support  that everyone has poured out upon me and I … Continue reading

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Poor Pitiful Me

Listening to the ’Oldies’ station last night on the radio I heard the song “Life’s Been Good” by The Eagles.  The lyrics stuck in my head as they played:

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The Mystery of Sex in a (Polygamous) Relationship

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Easter Weekend

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Mitt Romney Al Jazeera A Mormon In The White House Interview

This piece is a much better piece than the BBC one in my opinion on Mormonism and Mitt Romney. He interviews an authentic historian and diverse people on both sides of the issue including us. We did the interview a … Continue reading

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Darger Polygamous Family Comments On BBC Story On Mitt Romney

We recently did an interview with the BBC’s John Sweeney. It was clear to us right from the beginning that he had a slant he was trying to portray. We are used to American media, who are a bit more … Continue reading

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A Crazy Day for Polygamists

Have you ever just had one of those crazy days where you’re so busy going from one thing to the next that you barely even have time to use the bathroom? I had one of those about a week ago. … Continue reading

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