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5 Wives Vodka and Sisterwives Political Correctness

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that Idaho has banned a Utah Distillery that is making vodka and labeling it 5 Wives Vodka. Idaho regulators have decided not to stock an Ogden distillery’s Five Wives Vodka even though Utah liquor regulators … Continue reading

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Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

What if the spilled milk was actually spilled in your car on a hot day? It’s enough to make me cry when that horrid stench of curdled rotten milk permeates the car. On an especially hot summer day you don’t even … Continue reading

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Facebook versus Twitter And Our Use of Social Media

Most Fundamentalist Mormons we grew up with have a healthy dose of paranoia and suspicion of media, the government, and institutions in general.  This is for good reason because in our past we have seen our people prosecuted and persecuted by government authorities, and … Continue reading

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Product Reviews From Polygamists

With so many people in our household you can imagine our house often gets messed up faster than it gets cleaned up. That is not even an exaggeration!

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Adventures In Potty Training 2!

She won, I didn’t even know it was a battle, or a game, but she did.  I know she knows exactly what to do, she just wants to exercise her independence, and she did it in the most upfront and … Continue reading

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Screw Happy

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Adventures in Potty Training!

This ain’t my first rodeo…then why is it I keep getting bucked off?  I have potty trained 7 kids, and helped with a whole bunch more.  I thought I had this down!  I have been at it for 4 days … Continue reading

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The Bundt

Each year for my birthday, a gift I give to myself is a specialty birthday cake–made by  me. Part of the gift is the joy of baking.  Strange as that may seem it’s sort of like my Calgon moment.  I … Continue reading

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