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Polygamy In The News

    Judge grills state attorney seeking to dismiss ‘Sister Wives’ lawsuit over Utah bigamy law By Dennis Romboy , Deseret News

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Brown’s Sisterwives Lawsuit In Court Again Today

The State has once again tried to dismiss the lawsuit filed by the Brown’s, of TLC’s Sisterwives as they stated the case had “mootness.” In the legal system, a matter is moot if further legal proceedings with regard to it … Continue reading

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A Gay Mormon Happily Married

We recently came across this post by a Gay Mormon who is happily married with children he says, Josh Weed is his name and he has a long post you can read on his website. This fascinated me, as a … Continue reading

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Stephen Covey, Author and Mormon Teacher and How His Philosophy Influenced This Polygamous Family

Yesterday Stephen Covey, author and business leader died from injuries sustained in a bicycle accident. Covey became a household name when “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” was published in 1989. On bestseller lists for four years, it has … Continue reading

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20/20 ABC Airs Story on Our Polygamous Family

The following is a re-post of a blog I wrote last fall when the original 20/20 story aired. Tonight they are running a rerun. Overall we were happy with the episode, but we felt that there was some content that … Continue reading

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The Impact of Sister Wives and Polygamy In Popular Culture

I recently came across a blog I thought was well written about a commentary on TLC’s show, Sisterwives. It is from a website I have not followed before and is even more interesting because the website is a commentary on … Continue reading

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Anderson Cooper is Gay! Who Knew?

Recently Anderson Cooper, celebrity, or reporter, (it’s increasingly difficult to tell the difference these days) with CNN announced publicly that he is gay. There has been a trend for gay celebrities to announce their sexual orientation with pride. It is … Continue reading

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Happy Appearances

Here we go again! ┬áSomebody thinks we are not happy, big surprise! So we get challenged with questions about our personal life, questions that people wouldn’t dream of asking their closest friends such as details about our intimate lives. It … Continue reading

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