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Live Chat on Replayed

We did our first live chat this morning in Canada. We had participants from all over North America, and we ran out of time to get to all the questions according to our moderator. It was the first time we … Continue reading

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Good Ol’ Smoothie Time

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In Support of “Sister Wives”

“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.” -Helen Keller- This quote made me think of the plight of not just the Brown Family, but of all … Continue reading

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Who Do We Vote For In This Election? A Mormon Running and Two Candidates From Polygamous Families

It is often overlooked that Obama is closer to polygamy than Mitt Romney. For President Obama’s father, it could be argued he was a polygamist.  Certainly his grandfather was and even his great-grandfather had married sisters, something that many people … Continue reading

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Hand-Me-Downs and Hand-Me-Down-Hand-Me-Downs

I can hardly remember the last time I bought something off the rack for the full retail price, I am always scanning clearance racks and bargain stores, waiting for something to go on sale.  I recently bought a snowboard at … Continue reading

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The Fight Is On To Protect Polygamy Laws By Emory Law Professor

I came across this interesting article about a recent distinguished Law Professors appointment to the Library of Congress. The significant thing that caught my eye is that this professor, John Witte, Jr is committed it seems to finding ways to … Continue reading

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The Dreaded Dishes at the Darger’s!

If there is one job our kids greatly disdain it is dishes.  We have the kitchen split up between 4 jobs: Wash dishes (which includes clearing one of the counters)

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Teaching Our Children To Deal With Hate

Now I don’t really get involved in ‘High School Drama’ but this story seemed beyond the usual stuff, or maybe it’s just been so long for me I don’t remember it being as bad as all that.

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ABC To Air Tonight On 20/20

The last time I thought we were scheduled to air ABC rescheduled our piece. But now they are advertising it so look for it tonight on ABC, check local listings for the time.

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TIME Magazine Video on Polygamy and Darger Family

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