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Going Back To Regular Life

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Gravity and Natural Consequences

I love the fact that we don’t have broadcast TV. Well, most of the time I love it. We gave up our satellite dish because having it meant that 80 percent of the time some of all the kids had … Continue reading

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Darger Family Is Because

Like many plural families, Vicki, Valerie, Alina and I grew up in fear. We were afraid of the government, we were afraid of police, we were afraid of outsiders, we were afraid to be ourselves. It became very natural for … Continue reading

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Luau Birthday Girl

  Here is┬áSabrina who won the Hula hoop contest, and would have kept going but Tavish got impatient and bumped her ‘accidentally on purpose’.

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Not Our Typical Saturday Football

For a few months now, my Saturday mornings have been spent at little league football games. We have two boys playing this year, Ashton 14 years old and Tavish 12 years old. I expected this Saturday to be football as … Continue reading

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You Know You’re Doing Something Right When…

We live within walking distance of a small mountain and in the summertime the kids love to go hike to the top of it. So last week when the high school kids had a day off, Shad took advantage of … Continue reading

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