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Back To The Future

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Happy Thanksgiving

To day is one of our favorite times of the year. We don’t have all of our kids here this year.  However, we typically have an amazing thanksgiving feast and take the time to all express our gratitude for one … Continue reading

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Love Your Enemies

I have often read or heard repeated the scripture from Matthew 22:39 to “Love thy neighbor as they self,” with a listening more along the lines as a should instead of the listening as possibility. In other words, I got … Continue reading

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The Dargers Visit The Browns On This Season Of TLC’s Sisterwives

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Election Day, A Polygamous Perspective

On Sunday a French Film crew showed up unannounced at our door step. How they had tracked us down I don’t know. When I answered the front door the reporter asked in a heavy French accent if she could ask … Continue reading

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