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Our Polygamous Home For the Holidays

I wanted to update everyone on our family Christmas. Many of you have not had a chance to meet these other family members. When we filmed our My Three Wives documentary for TLC we actually captured the birth of our grandson … Continue reading

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Creatively Learning to Say No

As a mother it seems like sometimes there’s just way much to do and too little time. Every time I feel that way, I know that it is not true. Feeling overwhelmed or trapped is usually a trap we put … Continue reading

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A Day Of Prayer In The Midst Of Tragedy

We have often struggled as Warren Jeffs and his followers have defined our religion.  We abhor abuse of any kind, are against force and disagree with marriages under the age of 18. As much damage as their leader has caused … Continue reading

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Polgyamy Store Launch And Our Sister Penny

If you had a chance to see My Three Wives you would have seen our workout routines we do. We follow the Crossfit workouts out of our home gym. They are strenuous workouts that involve cardio, gymnastics and weightlifting. As … Continue reading

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Twins In A Polygamous Marriage

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Val and I have always had very distinct personalities, and as result very different styles.  When we were very young, my mom would sometimes dress us in identical outfits.  I imagine she would have had us dressed alike more often … Continue reading

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Why “My Three Wives” Special On TLC

Since we published Love Times Three in the fall of 2011, we have stated several reasons for our activism (see earlier posts). The injustice of criminalizing our family, our lifestyle and thousands of people like us occur by allowing the … Continue reading

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One Huge Family Christmas Party!

I have thirty-one siblings and it is a rare occasion when all of us can get together.  Just imagine the sheer size of my family gatherings when each person shows up with their individual group! For about fifteen years, my … Continue reading

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Why We Don’t Trust The Land Of The Free

Our Federal Government has grown dramatically in power, especially the past decade. As the saying goes, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Our government has done this through its constituent’s compromise for the promise of security from outside threats. … Continue reading

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  We might have a little bit of a procrastination problem.  Today is the day before the science fair, and we have three kids up late finishing up their display boards.  The fun part was the experiments they did the … Continue reading

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Plygcation with the Brown’s on Sisterwives

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