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Sisterwives New Season And Acceptance For Polygamy

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Friends In Times Of Tragedy

This morning, Wendell Owen died. Wendell is from the Davis County Cooperative, or the “Kingston group” as they are often referred to. I have had the fortune to know some of Wendell’s wives and children very well. I was even … Continue reading

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Lucky Number Seven

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6 People Apply for UEP Trust Board

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MRC TV Interview on DOMA

We recently did an interview with the conservative Media Research Center. They plan to have several links to the interview which was done over Skype. I suppose Skype is the new way interviews will continue to be done but I … Continue reading

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Beat The Summer Heat With This Refreshing Snack-Frozen Yogurt Pops


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If Homosexuality Is Not A Choice, Is Polygamy?

I have often said that I was born a polygamist, from my earliest memories of sexuality I can remember being attracted to multiple women. In this vein I found the following blog post interesting. In it Renn, an anonymous polygamous … Continue reading

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Mom To Be At 43! Part Three


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Mom To Be At 43! Part Two

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Mom To Be At 43! Part One


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