20/20 ABC to Air Story On Risking Jail As A Polygamous Family

Tonight is the big debut of 20/20 on our polygamous family.  We have done a lot of media, and this story was supposed to debut when the other media came out in September, but for various reasons they delayed it until tonight. It is by far the biggest we have done. I am told they have about 10 million viewers.

20/20 ABC Photograph of Darger Family

20/20 ABC Photograph of Darger Family

We are, of course, excited and nervous. You never know how it will turn out or come across. We also don’t know how the show will be received by authorities or public at large. It has already been difficult being public, but at the same time liberating. Of course, the reason we do it is to put a different light on our family and culture than is often portrayed.

Alina and Joe

Alina and Joe 20/20 ABC picture

Alina has been the most nervous, and probably had the hardest time doing the media, yet she comes across the most natural it seems. Her daughter, Ali recently had a friend in second grade refuse to sit by her because “she was a polygamy.” Our daughter was hurt by it, but for the most part dealt with it and moved on.


Joe and Valerie 20/20 picture

Valerie is usually the quiet one but has become much more vocal and outgoing since we have been public. I have enjoyed watching her personality blossom. I think she will come across very strong on camera.

Joe and Vicki 20/20 ABC picture

Vicki had a very difficult day right before we did the interview with Elizabeth Vargas. It was an emotional time of the month, and there were a lot of pressures outside of the interviews that were pressing on her, and yet right before it was time she prayed her heart out, found her center and came out ready for the interview strong.

Overall, I am humbled and yet proud to be associated with them, their light will shine on the world tonight and I am eternally grateful for the association I have with such fine women. They are my Love Times Three.

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3 Responses to 20/20 ABC to Air Story On Risking Jail As A Polygamous Family

  1. Bernadene says:

    It looks like you have a normal family. I don’t see anything wrong with what you are doing. I believe that you can love more than one person at a time. I am in a similar but different marriage. I have two husbands, we live in the same house with our two children. Both husbands have their own bedrooms, which I share. Per the law, I, as a woman, am nor breaking it. As it was written for men and about men.

  2. Joe Taylor says:

    I agree that people should be free to choose their lifestyle, etc., as long as it doesn’t intrude into the lives of others or place extra burdens on the rest of us. For example, nobody should be required to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, but the rest of us shouldn’t have to pay for their brain injuries in case they crash. So, I think a natural question would be, how does someone pay for it all? Maybe you can do it with your publicity/publication ventures, but what did you do before that was working? And what would other people do in your situation, if they were relying on typical employment to house and raise upwards of 30 people? I know many people of various lifestyles in our society seem to specialize in tax evasion, welfare fraud, and ways to access all the social service “safety nets” that the rest of us ante up for through taxes or public debt; have you a response to that concern? Also, I think many people are intrigued by anything out of the ordinary, hence all the fascination with the vampire movies, etc. But in reality, I’m not sure the lifestyle would be all that practical or productive for the average person. Also, I think it’s interesting that over 90% of those who break away from the LDS faith seem to have polygamy as their primary core belief . . . when common sense and some basic study would tell you that Christianity is about much more than marital arrangements. I frankly don’t know why it’s such a major deal that people are willing to start their own religion, and claim that the rest of the flock (so to speak) are walking in darkness.

  3. Ben says:

    Joe & Family,

    I have been very impressed with how you have presented yourselves in the media. I’m not sure if I entirely agree with your lifestyle, but I respect your right to live it. It’s definitely not for everyone. Your family appears to have it together and I admire that. Best wishes for the success of your book and your efforts to change perceptions and the legal climate.

    Tooele, UT

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