6 People Apply for UEP Trust Board

I read in the Daily Herald that only six people have applied to become members of a board of trustees that would be given control of the UEP, a state-run trust that once was run by Warren Jeffs’ polygamist “FLDS” sect on the Arizona-Utah border and holds an estimated $118 million.

Earlier this year, a judge ordered that Utah and Arizona officials turn over the trust to a five-member board of independent-minded community members from Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz.

I am sure that Jeff’s has ordered that his loyal flock do not participate. That does not leave many applicants to choose from. According the the article,

“Utah court officials will review the applications and decide if they want to extend the deadline in hopes of attracting more applicants, an option made available in the court order. Third District Court Judge Denise Lindberg will have the final say on the board. The names of the applicants are being withheld at this point, Utah courts spokeswoman Nancy Volmer said.

There are going to be multiple claims on at least one-third of the 750 homes in the trust, said Bruce Wisan, a Salt Lake City accountant put in charge of the trust when it was seized by Utah in 2005 over allegations of mismanagement by Jeffs and other leaders of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Some homes were built by one person, but since maintained and lived in by another. In other cases, several different people have lived in a house over the past two decades.

Personally I have talked to a lot of polygamous people who said they wish they could serve on the board to help out. None of them live down there, and I am not sure the board will allow an actual polygamous person to serve. At any rate I have doubts that this solution is one that will work.

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