A Large Package Arrives At Our Polygamous Home Today!

Love Times Three BooksA big box came in the mail today. In it were stacked copies of our book. The real thing. Completely edited and ready to go. It’s just how it will look when it’s sitting on the shelf at bookstores all across America.

It seems so strange to think that random people can just pick it up now and flip through the pages, reading snippets here and there, thinking, deciding if it looks interesting enough to actually make a purchase. If they do buy the book it means it will be sitting on someone’s bookshelf or coffee table and they will pick it up and read the whole thing.

The whole thing is very surreal. I never imagined that in my life I would be involved in writing a book — especially one containing personal and intimate details of my life.

Too late to turn back now.

My hope is that whomever reads this book will laugh and cry the way I did as I remembered and wrote these stories, and that the stories written within the book by my husband, sisterwives and children will be enlightening, informative and enjoyable.

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3 Responses to A Large Package Arrives At Our Polygamous Home Today!

  1. Val its awesome…my family and my congregation of Messianics all support you..we;d like to carry this book in our online store at a wholesale price …let me know how please..privately is fine
    Rabbi Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky

  2. Valjean says:

    Hahahhaa. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

  3. Marie Nadine says:

    One Love

    I loved reading the book. It was so well put together and I loved the clarity of the voices and it was great to add the kids and the explanations about your religion as Independent Mormons and the different types of Mormons. I learned a lot. I mostly loved the ways that you wrote about your lives. The details about how you worked things out between yourselves. The routines and the methodology that you used to get through it all.
    I hope that it does well because folks need to read about love and the various types of family structures.


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