A Valentines Tribute To My Wives

Coming Home

Alina, Valerie, Joe and Vicki

Alina, Vicki and Valerie, three Sisterwives whom I honor this Valentines Day with an expression of my love:

To find my value is all my doubt,
Their collective worth compared with mine, all my fear;
My qualities seem diminished when reflected upon their plane,

I cannot be too proud lest I lose their Celestial loftiness.
And yet the magnitude of their combined love for me
Repeals modesty, and inspires
Me to heights I don’t always see in myself.
They are my Beatitudes:

Alina and Joe

Alina and Joe

To Alina, She embodies my Faith.
She is poor in Spirit but in her I have found my Kingdom in Heaven,
Through her mourning in faith, I found my comfort.
Her purity of conviction, her ability to challenge me in kindness, and her meekness Without Guile, has given me an inheritance on earth and more.
Through her I have learned that peace from suffering is an illusion of our faith.
But in her suffering I have seen sacrifice that has no Shadow;
And in her, I have discovered wonders
Exceeding the greatest of my hearts Conjecture.

Joe and Valerie a week after radiation

Joe and Valerie


To Valerie, She embodies my Hope.
In her I have found life to be so Grand, and also Hope of a future
Surpassing it by Infinity;
Yet I know in such Space and Celestial dominion the love in her heart
Will reduce it to None.
With her I found my storehouse full for the hunger she has for righteousness,
And through Gods hands she has found forgiveness, from the mercy she has
Inherent in her heart. Her ability to understand, to love and to connect continues to Strengthen me; and her devotion coupled with an appreciation
That I never seem to reciprocate, has
Fed my soul when it famished most.

Joe And Vicki

To Vicki, she carries within her my Charity.
From her passion I found a pure heart, and a temporal temple.
She has been my peacemaker and brought me closer to a son; and strengthened my Belief with her unwavering Heavenly pursuits.
Her character has manifested itself true; in her long suffering she has remained
Kind, overcome the envy in her heart, and sought not her own.
She truly is slow to provoke, and has bore pain without iniquity, with an ability to Endure to the end which inspires me in my own absence of conviction.
Her ability to love with purity has brought me closer to Christ.

Together they have added a June to my summer,
Have made me a man much bolder,
And though I have stood on sands,
Yet never sailed the sea,
Looked to yonder heavens while terrestrial bound,
And prayed but never talked to God,
Through them I have seen my soul
Felt the Spirit Holy,
And left the door ajar
For something more.
From them
Love has left me without want,
Thank You, and I love You.

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6 Responses to A Valentines Tribute To My Wives

  1. Tracy Roth-Myers says:

    I just love your blouses gals ….so pretty!

  2. Very beautiful and well written. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

  3. Pamela says:

    We enjoyed your book so much! You defiantly have something special. May God bless you all that you might endure to the end. Your Valentine message Joe, was Breath takenly beautiful…. You have a way with words, (and Women) ;) haha

  4. Mattias 'Nemra' Thors says:

    When you look the the clips at the internet its pretty easy to see how this ‘culture’ as they refer to works just as good as it does, havning a poly-relation is pretty hard to start in but after a while it grows on natrually.

    I wish you the best and keep the spirit up :)
    Ps. my one question is, how long did it takes for your parents to ‘accept it’?
    Havn´t checked the book yet but I will.

    • Valerie says:

      My parents were very supportive as they knew what a bad marriage I was in, and knew the husband Joe had already proven to be after 10 years married to Alina and Vicki. When you get to the book it will detail their story though. Thank you for your encouragement.

  5. Monica Shivers says:

    your story is so beautiful and genuine. I too am in a polygamous family unit. we are very happy going on two years together. our family unit includes myself, Ambyr, and our husband. amongst all of us we have 5 children living in the household. it can sometimes very difficult for others to understand the concept. but with time and patience the world will not be too quick to judge. Blessed Be.

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