ABC To Air Tonight On 20/20

The last time I thought we were scheduled to air ABC rescheduled our piece. But now they are advertising it so look for it tonight on ABC, check local listings for the time.

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Here is the story:

Last summer, Laura, a young woman originally from the suburbs of Salt Lake City, became the first among her siblings to get married. This summer, she became a mother.

Getting married and having a child can be a heady time for anyone, but unlike most young married mothers, Laura, 19, knows that someday soon she could be in for yet another major life change: her husband could marry another wife.

“It’s really hard when you actually fall in love and you love somebody so much to think of sharing them with somebody else,” Laura told “20/20″ last year. But, she added, “God changes people’s hearts. You know sometimes there are things you don’t think you can do but when God asks you, you do it.”

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5 Responses to ABC To Air Tonight On 20/20

  1. Melly says:

    Oh how I wish I had cable!!!! I’m reading your book right now. The dishes are piling up b/c I can’t put it down. Luckily we’re only a family of 3 so far.. so not a lot of dishes. lol

  2. Stephanie says:

    All of the wives are so eloquent ~ I admire your bravery for putting your families out there for everyone to see. You have every right to be proud and free to discuss your family. Shine a light on yourselves because you have something truly wonderful and special – it might take a while for the rest of us to catch up but eventually I pray that we will. Everyone has the right to equal rights when it comes to good wholesome love – and that is without a doubt what you all have together. Aren’t all great things like that though? :P

  3. tom says:

    hurrah! well done

  4. S. says:

    You all looked lovely in the interview and represented yourselves very well. I wish the interviewer had not focused so much on the sexual aspect of polygamy but unfortunately the media knows that is what sells…..

    You have a beautiful family!

  5. Diane Green says:

    We don’t get the show here in the UK do you have any idea if and when it will come here? You sound amazing just like the Brown family. Love to you all xxxx

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