Adventures In Potty Training 2!

She won, I didn’t even know it was a battle, or a game, but she did.  I know she knows exactly what to do, she just wants to exercise her independence, and she did it in the most upfront and sweet way.  She is back in diapers.  In all my years that is the first time I have ever done that.  I felt like a bit of a failure doing that but then, it was good for me because I must have judged other people in the same way I was now judging  myself.   Always good to have insight to your weaknesses and acknowledge them, right?

Anyway, after she went on the potty a few times, all the kids were working with her too, but each time if she wasn’t reminded she would ‘go’ in her undies, and then afterwards say “Mom, I pee” or worse, “Mom, I poo.”  I went back to the book, reviewed, started over again each new day.  After a whole week it was getting worse.  I pushed too hard, maybe? Try another approach. We got the potty that sings and the doll that pees, lots of treats and everything.  I continued telling her how big she was because she goes on the potty,  and that diapers are for babies, etc.  A few minutes later I would ask her, “Are you going to pee in the potty?”  She would just state matter-of-factly, “No”.  I would say “Are you going to pee in your pants”  (in a negative, un-approving way) and she would state matter-of-factly, “Yes.”

That was pretty much it.  I knew she’d won.  Oh, I still kept trying for a few days but the last straw was when we were standing right next to the potty discussing how big she was for going on the potty, she wet her pants and just stared at it with no emotion, no regret.  On went the diaper. You were right, Mom, ok?

We will give it a few months and see if she starts getting interested.  Lots of people tell me she will let me know when she is ready.  I’m sure they are right, too.

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5 Responses to Adventures In Potty Training 2!

  1. Courtnee says:

    Good luck! My son just turned two in March and I am trying to get him to show interest in the potty! Each child is different!! You’ll get it!!! :)

  2. Gidgit says:

    I’m having a very similar problem with my 2 year old! She refuses to go to the potty. She was going almost every day on her own and she was doing great! Then all of a sudden she just QUIT! Now it’s like she refuses to even put on a pair of big girl panties.

    So I just keep praying for wisdom and I’ll check the almanac to see when the next best time to start trying to potty train is and try again.

  3. Debby says:

    Saw your book at our Public Library & brought it home out of curiosity. Just finished reading it & found it very interesting, thought-provoking & informative. I do not have personality needed to be successful in a celestial marriage but really appreciate your family sharing your experiences – most helpful in understanding, accepting & left me impressed with your way of life. Plan to review it for my book group & bet lots more people there will read it. Thank you for writing and EDUCATING!

  4. Beth says:

    It could be worse! My autistic brother turned 10 on Monday, and he’s not completely potty trained yet. At least he pees in the toilet now, but up until about a year-and-a-half ago, he wouldn’t even do that. My mom has successfully potty trained 5 kids, and we had 3 years if intensvie in-home therapy with him, worked with psychologists, autism experts, the school, etc. and we still haven’t had success with number 2. He’s extremely smart and totally understands the process as well, and definitely has the ability to go, but he just flat out refuses to go properly all of the time. He even told his teacher that he was “just too lazy.” So no matter how bad you feel, just remember that it could be worse, and think of my poor mother!

  5. An B. says:

    She jet sounds like a strong willed child! Sometimes it is about not trying to be forceful back they enjoy the frustration! My firstborn was extremely strong willed and we had the same issues with potty training,I just put the diaper on and told her that if she was not going to go potty like a big girl she was going to wear baby diapers and that was all I said about it. Two months later she was ready to go potty! I stopped fighting wih her over the issue and she “decided” for herself about using the potty! Good luck!

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