Adventures in Potty Training!

This ain’t my first rodeo…then why is it I keep getting bucked off?  I have potty trained 7 kids, and helped with a whole bunch more.  I thought I had this down!  I have been at it for 4 days with very little success.  This is exhausting!  it wouldn’t be so bad if I saw some little success but it seems to be getting worse not better.  I reviewed the book “Toilet Training in Less Than a Day.”  I have always used that model and it has worked.  I loved how the author encourages focusing on the positive.  Which is what I have been doing, for the most part.  It’s hard to be positive about poop everywhere on the carpet.   After a couple days I thought “it’s going to click in anytime, and once she goes on the potty my work will be done, this is worth the effort right now, it really is.”  But so far, I have been fooling myself.  The baby is 23 months old, definitely old enough, I have had some train at 18 months so I thought it was reasonable.  I don’t think it’s a power struggle, and I know she comprehends the process so that rules out 2 arguments.

I have taken to enlisting some of the kids for help.  Maybe she cans sense any feelings I might have of wanting to control her. It’s worth a shot.  I normally don’t stress about this stuff but I have felt like I am so tied down with trying to read her face and body language for any signs of needing to go, but with no clues. I would consider just going back to diapers and trying again in a couple of months but the book says NEVER do that. So I am resolved to power through it.

Well, back to the…wait!  What?  Oh my goodness gracious!  She just out of the blue went and sat on the potty and went all by herself, with no fanfare or anything!  I hope this  is how it will be going from now on.  I’ll keep you posted.

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3 Responses to Adventures in Potty Training!

  1. Malissa says:

    When I potty trained my son I made it about him being in control. I said “tell mommy when you need to go potty and keep your undies dry” over and over all day probably a thousand times. If he would start to pee in his undies I would pick him up and run him to the potty and have him finish there saying ” this is where you put your pee pee or poo poo”. I used the three day method but sounds like you have lots of experience and success. Good luck…

  2. mzoltan14 says:

    Does She talk? How much does She move?
    Do any of your kids have problems? I would advise against having more kids btw, at least without the advise of genetics professionals. Im dont want to scare, im just saying that so that the likeliness of someone getting born with a birth deffect is less. after around 40 years in average, de chromosome disjunction problems increase in frequency, that would lead to more terminations or occasionally born alive with birth deffect (mostly trisomies). If you have had many trials and failed to conceive, but your husband is fertile enough, then its probably due to chromosome disjunction. Its not advise to have any more kids.

    AT ANY RATE, what is the favourite smell or something of your kid? or something speciel which She likes? you can use that as a reward for executing the training correctly. Dont use punishment, if She doesnt do it, but dont reward either when She doesnt do it. Also If she has difficulties i can give some more advises.

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