Amanda’s Homecoming

Our Daughter AmandaSo last week we had our daughter Laura get married, our first. It was fraught with emotion, mostly good but it evoked some hard feelings in us as well. But this week has been sweet as our daughter, Amanda, who has been away to college and working for the summer returned for a week vacation to spend with us. She has a smile that is contagious, and is one of those personalities that brightens everyone’s day.  She is a daddy’s daughter for sure and it has been good therapy for his daughter dissonance having Amanda back. :)

Amanda came into our family when she was 8, a story we detail in the book. She is one of five step children, but we don’t call them that in our family.  I wonder how many people have blended families that can relate to this experience?

Another Picture Of AmandaI know that my love for her has grown that she is like my own. My daughter Liesl and her are as close as sisters as Val and I ever were and it is special to be a part of.

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