Anderson Cooper is Gay! Who Knew?

Me and My Wives awaiting Dr. Drew Interview

Recently Anderson Cooper, celebrity, or reporter, (it’s increasingly difficult to tell the difference these days) with CNN announced publicly that he is gay. There has been a trend for gay celebrities to announce their sexual orientation with pride. It is fascinating how quickly that has changed in my life time, when just a short time ago it was more common to keep such things quiet. Mr. Cooper himself announced it in an email where in the blogosphere and Internet it has been received with high fives and congratulations.

The reason I note this, is that he is one reporter we have watched for years and found his coverage of polygamy somewhat biased towards the negative. He has long been one that was fixated on Warren Jeff’s, and has predominately showed the negative side. We once were on CNN and they sandwiched us in between a segment on Mr. Jeff’s. Recently I watched as he had a couple on his show that were considering a plural wife, and he surprised them and the woman they were courting with an anti-polygamous person on his show. The same has happened to us in media countless times in their effort to show “balance.”

This is not to diminish or take away from him on what it took to decide to be public. Coming out is always hard and brave. It is a cost to have to reveal your private life. Until you begin to lose it you don’t realize how valuable it is. I do not condemn him for being honest about who he is by any means.

In his email he says, “In my opinion the ability to love another person is one of God’s greatest gifts, and I thank God every day for enabling me to give and share love with the people in my life.”

However, I would say to Anderson Cooper, I am polygamous, always have been and always will be. I couldn’t be more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud. I thank God every day for the multiple loves in my life, my ability to give and receive Love Times Three. I hope that having a world where he can proclaim his love without fear of prosecution, derision can also apply to me and that he and others like him can see that parallel. He says he has always worked hard to accurately and fairly portray gay people in the media, but in my opinion that should be all people, including religious fanatics like myself.

Joe and Vicki

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10 Responses to Anderson Cooper is Gay! Who Knew?

  1. Rella Vaughn says:

    I was surprised to hear he was gay, as all my gay friends have been the most suportive of my choice to become #2. I would have hoped he would be more supportive of people building their own families as they chose.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Amen, sister. Love is love – and if you can have it with more than one person – even better. We are all too quick to judge and to jump on the bandwagon of discrimination – but if we could all let that go, more people would be polygamists!

  3. Kay says:

    I thought everybody knew he was gay. I used to watch his show , but it got to be kinda boring. Hope you guys have a great 4th of July!

  4. Nancy says:

    So true. If Anderson Cooper was scrutinized the same way polygamists are, he would have to share an interview with an anti-gay activist, someone who grew up with a dysfunctional gay parent or sibling or neighbor, and be ridiculed by a live audience. All this, after honestly opening up to invasive questions about the most private parts of his life.

  5. Jancis M. Andrews says:

    The women in polygamous marriages are in a severely unequal relationship. They’re all fighting to please one man, and to share him sexually. He doesn’t have to do the same for them, so he can have a different sex partner every night (or day) while they have to line up and take their turn, much like cows waiting to be serviced by the bull. More importantly, only the first, legal wife and her children are entitled to share in the man’s life insurance, health, vision and dental insurance, pensions, tax benefits,. etc. The remaining women are nothing but concubines in the man’s harem, and they and their children risk poverty. This is why Muslim women’s organizations are petitioning their governments to end the practice (check the Internet) which they say discriminates against them and ensures that women are not equal to men. And who would know better than they? Polgyamy comes from the dark ages when women had no rights and were considered property to be distributed among men. It’s way past time this misogynistic practice was kicked into the garbage can of history. Women (with the exception of certain backward Third World countries) are now considered men’s equals. After all, the year is 2012 AD, not 2012 BC.

    • S. says:

      I am not sure why you felt it necessary to post this here–obviously this is not a forum or blog that is anti-polygamy so you are not going to find many that agree with you.

      My belief is that if the adults are willing and able to make the decision to be in the relationship, then the government has no place to say anything about it. If we would legalize polygamy, it could eliminate the issues of possible poverty that you mention–if a man or woman could marry multiple partners legally all of his/her spouses could benefit from the insurance and benefits you mention. Once again, it is discrimination causing these problems, not the practice of polygamy itself.

    • Chris Nystrom says:

      I am guessing you have not read the book.

  6. Joanne Owens says:

    I totally agree with you. I was going to be on his shoe not too long ago about prison marriages. In 1992 my husband was followed and attacked outside a bar. He defended his like and in doing so someone died. There was no stand your ground law back then. Anderson Coopers producer called me about the show and I could tell this show was going to be so negative. The other woman that was on wrote to a prisoner and married him and moved her children across country to live by her new husband. My situation is different. I get family visits ( conjugal ) with my husband. I also knew my husband before he went to prison. Because woman decide to marry or stay with their incarcerated partner we are looked upon as mentally ill. Have low self esteem. I’m sure that is the case in some of these marriages. Just like there is in many other types of marriages. The bottom line it was not long ago that homosexuality was considered a mental disorder. There are abusive same sex marriages, prison marriages, homosexual, but on the flip side there are people who love each other that are in solid committed relationships that it’s nobodies business or right to judge. So if someone wants to commit into a plural marriage, a same-sex marriage or a prison marriage or just a standard normal couple who work 9-5. It’s no ones business to judge. I’m so glad I backed out of the Anderson Cooper show, as I did the series prison wives. The world is not ready to see that someone who is married to someone in prison can have a happy marriage. That the woman does not sacrifice self to be in that marriage. That many do have careers and are not all on welfare no matter what the government would like you to think we are not all delusional overweight with no self esteem. Hopefully a day will come when people are in love there is no judgement. Did you think we would ever make that with homosexuality in our lifetime ? So there is hope !

  7. Stephania says:

    I didn’t see the show you spoke of in referencing AC’s interview with the couple, but most of those shows will make a pretense of ‘presenting both sides’ – the show you mentioned with having the anti-poly person as the supposed ‘other side’ in the interest of fairness and all that, supposedly. I don’t know if the anti person was an actual ex-polygamist simply telling her story or a political crusader or both.
    AC would probably make the argument that polygamy is not an ‘orientation’ but a ‘lifestyle choice’ , being that you’re hetero already.
    It is ironic that someone who probably identifies with being a ‘sexual minority’ would be anti-polygamy, as polygamists are a minority as well, but he probably sees polygamy as that same old trope as being inherently oppressive to women and wants to garner favor with women in a political sense, although the women’s movement is supposed to be about having freedom and choices, and it certainly seems as though Alina, Vickie and Valerie actually have made their choice and are not part of some oppressive cult. Perhaps he personally doesn’t care or mind what others do, and was simply following the format of the show in the trying-to-present-both-sides way.
    Or one could look at it that the fact he covered the topic at all is a way to increase acceptance, whether or not he had an opposing view representative on the show. It also could be some kind of backlash against stories he may have heard about the mainstream LDS not being accepting homosexuals, (possibly having to do with prop 8 ) and thus has resentments about people who come from that larger group, regardless of whether they themselves consider themselves still part of that group. In that sense he would be painting all Mormons with a broad brush, as there likely are some LDS who don’t make one’s sexual orientation the whole of a person’s entire life, personality, etc., and don’t judge the homosexual person strictly on that basis alone or take a political or religious stance towards them.
    You mention the word ‘prosecution’ while AC and other gay people may feel they have been ‘persecuted’, yet he may not make the connection that polygamists are not his enemy and are not out to persecute him and yes, it certainly does make a difference in the two words that one connotes ‘disapproval’ and/or shame, the other has to do with legal action, historically both could be applied to both polygamists and gays.

    This goes back to the ‘broad brush’ thing I mentioned earlier. Certainly your being from the culture that you are, you know how much you differ from the groups like Jeffs, and have not been afraid to point out and clarify the differences between the Jeff’s and other similar groups and your own family. I am not sure that AC would be brave enough to do the same within his larger group- make distinctions that not all gays are like (whatever) . In this you have been brave in making known not all polygamists are of the Jeff’s variety, and from what I have read, most are not.
    AC is very unlikely to have a gay couple on the show and then in the interest of ‘balance’ have an opposing view representative on, not even say for example someone from exodus (the group that claims to ‘cure’ them) but even say a conservative gay person because he likely doesn’t see that ok sure, gay , straight or whatever is an orientation, but there are different kinds of lifestyles within those groups, which undoubtedly there are. Having lived near San Francisco all my life, I have seen the leather-clad/parade/flamboyant type gays and then the ones who are quietly leading their lives, walking their dogs and shopping at target.
    In any case, don’t take personally the way the media is structured to allow whatever is either ‘trendy’ or unpopular at any given moment for either media coverage or to appear ‘cool’ to affect you and your family. You mention parallels and yes, that is there, but there is a huge difference as well which is, gays are looking for legal acceptance while from all I have read, most polygamists are not looking to gain ‘rights’ as far as having their marriage(s) become legal, only not to be discriminated against, fired for, hassled by the law, etc.
    It almost seems more of a ‘civil rights’ matter in the case of polygamists, not to be harassed by the state for the arrangement of your family when you are not harming anyone ( other things like child/domestic abuse, incest etc are already on the books and happen in mono marriages and cohabiting people), while they are looking to become part of the larger system, you and other polygamists would probably be happy with simple decriminalization of your own choice- so you could be ‘out’ and free as well.

  8. Stephania says:

    (for some reason I tried to write ‘prop eight’ but the number eight came out as a smiley icon, maybe you can fix that so what I wrote makes sense if you choose to put up my comment as it was not intended to be an icon but a number, thanks!)

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