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Recently the Australian Broadcast Corporation did a piece on the “Mormon Moment” given Mitt Romney’s and Jon Huntsman’s recent campaigning for the Republican presidential nominee,  and the greater cultural awareness of Mormonism world wide. We often get requests from film makers, media journalists and others without any idea of what their agenda is or how it fits into the broader message we are trying to convey.

They had requested an interview and we turned them down as we were not sure what the impact would be.  Also they happened to be filming as our full media campaign and book release happened last September. Like many filmmakers and media people it is hard to find polygamous families who will be public.  Apparently they were unable to find enough plural families and decided to use us anyway.

The documentary is actually not that bad, but it irritated us that we are used so extensively without our permission. I guess that is the price of being public. They use different music than what we had originally, but use pieces of our promotional video edited to look like it was filmed by them, interspersed with footage from a book signing.

It does show that Mitt Romney finds polygamy “troubling,” yet perhaps Americans could embrace being led by a Mormon if he would be honest about the past and the persecutions that have happened to Mormons. If as a leader, he could show empathy and the importance of diversity and freedom of religion which is central to our Constitution then more people could relate to him.

To see the video watch here and let us know what you think?




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4 Responses to Australian Documentary on Mormon Polygamy

  1. We have been urged to go more public with our family because we are not “Mormon” and therefore could give a different angle to the polygamist lifestyle. However, I am somewhat reserved. We have a blog, which provides a level of privacy that would be lost if we go public.

    On the one hand, I see the benefit in working towards showing the general public that we are not three headed monesters out to ruin the moral fiber of the world. We simply want to live our lives and love who we love without fear. At the same time we all have professional jobs which could be damaged, (granted everyone I work with is aware), and a level of privacy would be lost.

    Do you have any suggestions or recommendations. Such as the up side to going public as well as the down sides as I am sure there are some.

    I would love to become more active in assisting in our choices being decriminalized, but am even unsure how much that would destroy our privacy.

    I guess I am just not sure I want to open the door to my home and let total strangers see inside, but I also do not like not being able to be open with everyone we encounter. We are creative in getting around some questions and other times we just come right out with the truth, which of course leads to all kind of reactions.

    In other words, I am torn as to which path is the one we should travel

  2. Ben says:

    Hi Joe,

    I’m from Australia and recently got your book. I read it in a single day and am inspired by the story of your family.

    A minor correction, ABC stands for Australian Broadcasting Corporation (it is the fully Government owned broadcaster) and if you ever get an opportunity to interview again, consider it! The ABC is typically fair in interviews and won’t try to make you look like something you’re not.

    All the best to your family!


    • Joe says:

      Thank you, I will make that correction. Thank you even more for your charitable words. We are glad you enjoyed the book. We recently spent the day with a reporter from Sidney and she says we would love it there. Share our story and we look forward to hearing more from you.


  3. Matt from Texas says:

    I think that the whole topic is an interesting one, and there are better reasons for it than there are against it. My reading indicates there are many more men in the world than women. Most men who claim monogamy cannot or choose not to be faithful to their wife, and polygamy solves that particular problem by allowing him to have multiple wives and reducing his lust for a woman outside his family. Prostitution would fall into almost non-existence since virtually all women (in a perfectly polygamist world) would have a husband or father. A sister-wife can add a lot of strenth and support, especially to a marriage that may have difficulties. The only reason to take a second, third, fourth, etc., wife is to add strength to the family and diversity to its overall skill set. Each wife should have things to teach the others wives, children, and most importantly, the husband in his lifelong efforts to overcome all negative emotions and character traits we’ve been programed to hold from the world, or which has been passed on through our DNA.

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