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Sisterwives New Season And Acceptance For Polygamy

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Lucky Number Seven

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Our Curious Relationship With Centennial Park Arizona

Members from the polygamous community of Centennial Park were recently featured in a special called Polygamy USA which aired on National Geographic. We have not seen it yet but understand it to be well done. We are excited to watch … Continue reading

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My Diabetic Diary Part 1

Denial With Diabetes Not long after the birth of my daughter Laura, I began rapidly losing weight, which was welcome, but soon I became tired, finding it hard to make it through the day without a nap. Even when I … Continue reading

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One Huge Family Christmas Party!

I have thirty-one siblings and it is a rare occasion when all of us can get together.  Just imagine the sheer size of my family gatherings when each person shows up with their individual group! For about fifteen years, my … Continue reading

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The Every Time Anxiety

Every time we do any media, especially television, it unnerves me.  I have struggled back and forth between the need for privacy, safety and security and the genuine belief that we have an amazing opportunity to show people the diversity … Continue reading

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Back To The Future

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Happy Thanksgiving

To day is one of our favorite times of the year. We don’t have all of our kids here this year.  However, we typically have an amazing thanksgiving feast and take the time to all express our gratitude for one … Continue reading

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Going Back To Regular Life

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Not Our Typical Saturday Football

For a few months now, my Saturday mornings have been spent at little league football games. We have two boys playing this year, Ashton 14 years old and Tavish 12 years old. I expected this Saturday to be football as … Continue reading

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