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Instilling Trust In Children

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Live Chat on Replayed

We did our first live chat this morning in Canada. We had participants from all over North America, and we ran out of time to get to all the questions according to our moderator. It was the first time we … Continue reading

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Polygamy In The News

    Judge grills state attorney seeking to dismiss ‘Sister Wives’ lawsuit over Utah bigamy law By Dennis Romboy , Deseret News

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Brown’s Sisterwives Lawsuit In Court Again Today

The State has once again tried to dismiss the lawsuit filed by the Brown’s, of TLC’s Sisterwives as they stated the case had “mootness.” In the legal system, a matter is moot if further legal proceedings with regard to it … Continue reading

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Saying Farewell to Asher

After 17 days, little Asher Levi went home to Louisiana. It has been so fun to have him around and spend time bonding. I feel a certain sadness letting him go. Every time I walk by the room where he … Continue reading

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Darger Family Addition! I’m A Grandma!

I am exhausted and am sure will add more detail later, but early this morning, 12:39 to be exact I became a grandmother! Asher Levi Langford, a beautiful baby boy was born, an 8.4 lbs healthy young man. She started … Continue reading

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Easter Weekend

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Mitt Romney Al Jazeera A Mormon In The White House Interview

This piece is a much better piece than the BBC one in my opinion on Mormonism and Mitt Romney. He interviews an authentic historian and diverse people on both sides of the issue including us. We did the interview a … Continue reading

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Darger Polygamous Family Comments On BBC Story On Mitt Romney

We recently did an interview with the BBC’s John Sweeney. It was clear to us right from the beginning that he had a slant he was trying to portray. We are used to American media, who are a bit more … Continue reading

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Determine Your Personal Decorating Style

At first sign of spring, I want to deep clean and redecorate. Who am I kidding? I just look for an excuse anytime. I love helping people with their projects and was thrilled when my friend wanted decorating advice; so … Continue reading

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