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Mr. Mom! A Polygamous Dad’s Journal Part 2

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Mr. Mom. A Polyamous Dad’s Journal Part 1

This is Part 1 of a four part day by day Diary of last week while my wives were on a “Girl Trip” in Montana for four days.

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6 People Apply for UEP Trust Board

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MRC TV Interview on DOMA

We recently did an interview with the conservative Media Research Center. They plan to have several links to the interview which was done over Skype. I suppose Skype is the new way interviews will continue to be done but I … Continue reading

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If Homosexuality Is Not A Choice, Is Polygamy?

I have often said that I was born a polygamist, from my earliest memories of sexuality I can remember being attracted to multiple women. In this vein I found the following blog post interesting. In it Renn, an anonymous polygamous … Continue reading

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Polygamy, The Slippery Slope They Fear

Yesterday not only marked the Supreme Court’s landmark decision, but was also Liesl’s birthday and the day we dropped my son Caleb off at the Missionary Training Center to begin his LDS Church mission to Taiwan. One day later, marks … Continue reading

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Our Reaction To Supreme Court Ruling On DOMA and Prop 8.

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Will We Do Another TV Show?

We really have done a poor job on this blog this year. In fact, after the media interviews we did last year, in addition to filming a guest appearance on Sisterwives, and our own special on My Three Wives, we … Continue reading

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What does it all mean?

Today I had a breakdown. I have been working out of town, getting a new project off the ground. I was in the middle of a stressful budget planning meeting when I got a call from Vicki. “Our gas just … Continue reading

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My Article In On Polygamy And Marriage Rights

I originally wrote this article on on April 13th of this month. While much has been said about marriage equality recently I thought it was time for us to share our thoughts about the topic.

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