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The rise of polygamy in Muslim Britain

Recently come across the following article on polygamy in Britain: The custom is spreading, but while some welcome the freedom and stability it brings women, others fear the lack of legal protection

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Huffington Post Interview On Polygamy Legalization

The following is link on an interview we did.

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Deep In The South

This gallery contains 19 photos.

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How To Avoid Messing Up Valentine’s Day From A Polygamous Man’s Persective

Today is a day I used to dread, a day of dizzying displays of pink, of hearts prolific everywhere, and romantic expectations so thick that it seemed I could never live up to them all.  Even if you are single, … Continue reading

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Our Polygamous Home For the Holidays

I wanted to update everyone on our family Christmas. Many of you have not had a chance to meet these other family members. When we filmed our My Three Wives documentary for TLC we actually captured the birth of our grandson … Continue reading

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A Day Of Prayer In The Midst Of Tragedy

We have often struggled as Warren Jeffs and his followers have defined our religion.  We abhor abuse of any kind, are against force and disagree with marriages under the age of 18. As much damage as their leader has caused … Continue reading

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Why “My Three Wives” Special On TLC

Since we published Love Times Three in the fall of 2011, we have stated several reasons for our activism (see earlier posts). The injustice of criminalizing our family, our lifestyle and thousands of people like us occur by allowing the … Continue reading

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Why We Don’t Trust The Land Of The Free

Our Federal Government has grown dramatically in power, especially the past decade. As the saying goes, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Our government has done this through its constituent’s compromise for the promise of security from outside threats. … Continue reading

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Love Your Enemies

I have often read or heard repeated the scripture from Matthew 22:39 to “Love thy neighbor as they self,” with a listening more along the lines as a should instead of the listening as possibility. In other words, I got … Continue reading

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The Dargers Visit The Browns On This Season Of TLC’s Sisterwives

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