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“The Brady (Williams Polygamous) Bunch” and TLC

There has been quite a buzz about this new polygamous family coming out with yet another reality T.V. show on TLC. We are just as curious as everyone else about how their story will be portrayed on screen.

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To Be or Not To Be a Mother-to-be?

THAT IS THE QUESTION. Having been born the ninth child in a family of 16, and having nine children of my own, I often think that in order to catch up to my mother I would have to have seven more children. … Continue reading

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Polygamists Go On Monogamous-like Vacations

Everyone needs a vacation sometime, it doesn’t matter who you are. Polygamous husbands need them, plural wives need them. Sometimes polygamous husbands and one of their wives decide to take a vacation, mono y mono. We have all been on … Continue reading

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More Polygamous Family Traditions

Our family has many traditions centered around Easter. When I realized the holiday would fall on the last Sunday in March, I suddenly felt the need to jump on the planning and preparation. It takes a lot to coordinate things … Continue reading

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Creatively Learning to Say No

As a mother it seems like sometimes there’s just way much to do and too little time. Every time I feel that way, I know that it is not true. Feeling overwhelmed or trapped is usually a trap we put … Continue reading

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Polgyamy Store Launch And Our Sister Penny

If you had a chance to see My Three Wives you would have seen our workout routines we do. We follow the Crossfit workouts out of our home gym. They are strenuous workouts that involve cardio, gymnastics and weightlifting. As … Continue reading

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Plygcation with the Brown’s on Sisterwives

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Good Conversations

With nine adults and a plethora of kids running around between two beach condos, there was always flurry of activity. Yet somehow, we adults were able to find the time and space to gather together for some good conversations. Some … Continue reading

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Dargers and Browns: Teenage Edition

Having been acquainted with the Brown Family before their becoming public, we were aware of the possibility that going on a vacation with teenagers from different families who hardly knew each other could prove disastrous.

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Gravity and Natural Consequences

I love the fact that we don’t have broadcast TV. Well, most of the time I love it. We gave up our satellite dish because having it meant that 80 percent of the time some of all the kids had … Continue reading

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