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You Know You’re Doing Something Right When…

We live within walking distance of a small mountain and in the summertime the kids love to go hike to the top of it. So last week when the high school kids had a day off, Shad took advantage of … Continue reading

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In Support of “Sister Wives”

“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.” -Helen Keller- This quote made me think of the plight of not just the Brown Family, but of all … Continue reading

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The Impact of Sister Wives and Polygamy In Popular Culture

I recently came across a blog I thought was well written about a commentary on TLC’s show, Sisterwives. It is from a website I have not followed before and is even more interesting because the website is a commentary on … Continue reading

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Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

What if the spilled milk was actually spilled in your car on a hot day? It’s enough to make me cry when that horrid stench of curdled rotten milk permeates the car. On an especially hot summer day you don’t even … Continue reading

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Product Reviews From Polygamists

With so many people in our household you can imagine our house often gets messed up faster than it gets cleaned up. That is not even an exaggeration!

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Screw Happy

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Getting Back To Center

As my teenagers would say, “I just got told!” I’ve been reading the many comments (both kind and truthful) posted regarding my little pity party. Boy, do I feel sheepish. I so appreciate all the love and support  that everyone has poured out upon me and I … Continue reading

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Poor Pitiful Me

Listening to the ’Oldies’ station last night on the radio I heard the song “Life’s Been Good” by The Eagles.  The lyrics stuck in my head as they played:

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A Crazy Day for Polygamists

Have you ever just had one of those crazy days where you’re so busy going from one thing to the next that you barely even have time to use the bathroom? I had one of those about a week ago. … Continue reading

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All In The Family

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