Back To The Future

Caleb, Sam and Joseph in 1993

Caleb, Sam and Joseph in 1993

We recently had our three oldest boys home for Thanksgiving. It was real treat to have them together. Sam works and lives in central Utah three hours away, Caleb 45 minutes away in Provo where he goes to college, and Joseph lives here in Salt Lake. In digging for some more pictures for sharing publicly we came across this picture of the three of them as toddlers.

Sam was considered a cousin then, and Valerie was in town to visit and she and Alina and Vicki went to get the picture done. At the time we had no idea that she would ever end up in our family. Ten years later she joined and the boys have been raised as brothers. As we talk about in our book it was not always an easy transition. However, now they are all very close as brothers, though each of them are as distinct in their personalities as their mothers are. We proposed that that they get their pictures redone and they loved the idea. On Black Friday, the craziest day to do it we booked an appointment to get the picture. We went to a second hand store looking for the old acid-washed jeans and couldn’t find any, but found some old style light jeans you see in the picture. Finding the turtle necks was difficult as the yellow that Joseph has in the picture is not in style. The picture place did not have a wagon. So we braved the crowds and went to quickly buy one. They were $160 and came disassembled. So the boys, bought the wagon and used it as if they had broken it. When they were done they returned the wagon back to the store to get their money back.  We had a good laugh when we saw the broken wagon and each of them trying to recreate their toddler poses.

Caleb, Sam and Joseph in 2012

The important part of the story was enjoying them back and seeing them enjoy each others company. We are grateful for our family and the love we share, and enjoyed our time together.  We have attached some pictures of the dinner. We try to do a formal traditional dinner and though we all lamented eating too much, it was a fun time.

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6 Responses to Back To The Future

  1. Elaine says:

    Love the picture re-take! What an awesome idea. And I find it so interesting that this pic was taken when Sam was a cousin, and later he ended up a sibling!

  2. Annette says:

    That is both adorable and extremely funny.

  3. marsa says:

    I love the story behind the picture! I laughed really hard about the trip looking for acid washed washed jeans and returning the wagon after the picture. Not to mention how brave the boys were to do it on black Friday! Fun times and lots of memories created! They should do it again way down the road. LOL I’m so glad your family had a blessed Thanksgiving!

  4. Chris Nystrom says:

    That was funny!

  5. Kim Nash says:


    My family lives all over the states from N.J. to Nevada, even have a neice living in South Africia…we try to all get together every 5 to 10 years and we also try to recreate pictures like that. It’s always fun and to have those kinds of pictures. There the pictures that remind my family of all the fun we have when we do get a chance to all be together in one place at the same time. The bigger and more extended the family gets the harder this is to do.

    Wishing your lovely family much happiness & health this holiday season.

    Kim Nash

  6. Vicky says:


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