BBC World Service Interviews the Darger’s on Polygamy

We recently completed an interview for the BBC.  We went downtown to a local radio station. It seems the British are the most fascinated with the aspects of Vicki and Valerie as twins as that seems to get brought up more there than here.

The interview was quite good and very lengthy. It is about 28 minutes. You can hear the entire interview here.

The audience is mostly international, with a lot of people in Africa and other areas where polygamy is more well known. For those of you who follow on Facebook you can see their comments here.



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11 Responses to BBC World Service Interviews the Darger’s on Polygamy

  1. S. says:

    GREAT interview–I love how stable and connected your family always comes across in interviews–some other people who are showing the polygamous lifestyle are not being as cautious in how they present themselves and, I feel, are doing polygamy a disservice. There are highlights and pitfalls in ALL relationships….when a type of relationship is already persecuted it is vital to us all that the public personas that are projected by those purportedly “promoting” polygamy are positive and affirming. Thank you for doing so!

    • Joe says:

      Thank you for expressing. Our attempt is not to be cautious or even positive, but only authentic. We are far from perfect, but the love we share as a family is genuine and deserves to be shared with the world as much as any families love is shared.

  2. Natja says:

    I really liked the section you all came across really well. Yes I do feel there is some strange British fascination with the idea of twins married to one man, but you see over here there was a very mundane story one one set of twins married to another set of twins….it doesn’t take much to get us excited it seems! ;o)

    It tends to come across as just another exotic cultural tradition, since Mormonism is not common over here.

  3. Liz says:

    I liked how Valerie (Vicki, maybe?) talked about how it isn’t about “low self esteem” to “share” your husband; rather it’s quite the contrary, about how a wife must be very secure in herself, her husband and her sister wives. Very good point. :) And another question, if I may? Your fb post asked about the importance of touch, to which I replied that touch surpasses sex in many ways, in my opinion. So Joe, if I may ask, when in the presence of more than one wife, do you feel free to share that affectionate touch? That is, (like in the kitchen) you’d greet one sweetheart with a hug and kiss, then walk over to the sink and greet the other sweetheart with a hug and kiss? I’m just such a BELIEVER in that affectionate, companionate, building-up touch; touch feeds a person, in my opinion! My apologies for the ramble; your fb post has “touched” on a BIG topic for my husband and me. :)

    • Joe says:


      It does take esteem and confidence to not just share your husband, but to bless your sisterwives in that sharing. I will post on the FB a link to a post on touch I have previously made. To answer your question, I am very affectionate with all of my wives, more so than any other plural family we know. I am believer in the power of touch (respectfully) and in a relationship being fully expressed. If at any time I am not able to express the person I am authentically and allow others the same the relationship is not what it could and for me should be.

  4. Susie of Herriman says:

    I hope you all aren’t affected by the RoseCrest fire. It should be called the Rose Canyon fire.

    Wishing the best and sincerely hope all are safe.

    • Joe says:

      Thank you Susie,
      One of the casualties of the fire is our internet service was actually down. We were impacted by the fire but have our home, so thank you for your concern. I hope you were not impacted as well? We will post some about the fire. It is the third one in three years. This one, while not as large as the others certainly burned the most homes. Our prayers and hearts are to those who have lost a home.

  5. rafi says:

    Hi Joe !
    As an Iranian Muslem , your interview with BBC was so much interested that as I finished listening to it I rushed to get more idea about your POLYGAMOUS life from internet . I wonder if you can do me a favour and send one copy of your book to me ? Rafi

    • Joe says:

      My mother’s sister married a Persian man and I have learned a lot from him. I am not sure what distribution is available to you or where you live, but you can find the book at or Barnes and or any where books are sold. We do not actually control or distribute the books ourselves. Thank you for your interest, hopefully our blog can continue to educate about us and you are able to get the book are read our story.

  6. rafi says:

    By the way, Your polygamous life as somebody from the US actualy is a great surprise to muslems who never expect a christian to get three wives ! A taboo breaker ! That’s why I am curious to get your book and learn more about your polygamous life . Inshallah.

  7. S. says:

    I just finished your book–received it on Friday and read it feverishly all weekend–it was SO refreshing to hear people speak openly and honestly about the depth of their faith. You are truly living the Principle in the manner it was intended. Compared to another book about a polygamous family that recently was released, your book and life reflect the true nature of the LDS tenant of plural marriage. THANK YOU!

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