Beat The Summer Heat With This Refreshing Snack-Frozen Yogurt Pops


We love ice cream year ’round but when we want a low-fat alternative one of our favorites are home-made frozen yogurt pops.  Sometimes we have used them for a birthday treat, especially for Joe, who is a bit more health conscious.   One problem: it is easy to want to eat more than just one!


Here is simple recipe:

3 cups plain yogurt

1 cup fresh or frozen mixed berries, or other fruit such as pineapple, peaches, or bananas

1/2 cup powdered sugar

Process in blender until smooth.  Pour into 4 oz disposable cups, paper or plastic.  (We prefer plastic because when frozen if you warm the outside of the cup with your hands the pop ‘pops’ out!)  Place a plastic spoon or popsicle stick in each cup and freeze until firm.  The waiting is the hardest part!  It’s smart to make a whole bunch ahead so they are ready to eat anytime. If using paper cups, peel paper when ready to eat, or ‘pop’ out of plastic cups.

Agave Nectar may also used, however try 1/4 cup first and add more ‘to taste’.

We have also added fresh spinach, kale, or swiss chard to these before blending to boost with  some extra nutrients.  Enjoy this tasty treat.  

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3 Responses to Beat The Summer Heat With This Refreshing Snack-Frozen Yogurt Pops

  1. Kari Kirkland says:

    Yum! Think the little ones will love this! We shall try this weekend!

  2. Tracy Roth-Myers says:

    Pretty cool! No pun intended LOL! ;)

  3. Amy says:

    Do you use the agave in place of the powdered sugar? Or do you need the powdered sugar as a binder?

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