Book Review From a Mormon Perspective

We just had a review come out under an popular blog, By Common Consent. You can read the full review here. We think for those who are serious enough to educate themselves and read they will find a different experience than what they expect. Thanks to Kevin for his open heart and honest review.

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  1. Martin Swift says:

    The following is what I have left as a review to your wonderful book on the Amazon site at:
    Hopefully it may also be seen on the US site

    Love Comes in all Shapes and Sizes.
    How I purchased this remarkable book, came about because my daughter told me to switch channels to ITV1 and the ‘This Morning’ programme. I realised that on screen being interviewed was a Polygamist Mormon Family and my first thought was about a family shown on one of the many Discovery Channels…’Sister Wives’; but quickly realised that this was a different family. Another thought was that they were soley on screen due to Mitt Romney’s campaign to become president of the United States.

    However, it was at the end of the interview that this book: ‘Love Times Three’ caught my attention and so I powered my Kindle up and searched the store and found the book and purchased it, a purchase read I was to enjoy, albeit with a tinge of sadness at the passing of the baby…but recognised their understanding that the child was not lost.

    Being a member of: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints…nicknamed ‘Mormons’ I have an understanding of the break-away that carried on ‘plural’ or ‘Polygamist Marriage’ I have an understanding, not complete knowledge of their way of life.

    True the early LDS Church had many that lived the way that these people do, in that a man has more than one wife, however, I accept that the LDS Church teaches that marriage is between one man and one woman and yet for people like the Darger’s who are not members of the LDS Church, have never been member in their own lifetime and it may go back generations for some of them to have actually been members of the LDS Church; both they as ‘Independent Mormons’ and ‘LDS Members’ become tarnished with the same brush. They have decided to live a way of live and because Joe calls all three women ‘his wives’ and not ‘one wife and two mistresses’ the authorities could act against him.

    Now the LDS Church ask all of the members to live the ‘Law of the Land’ and thus that piece of suggestion is aimed at members of the LDS Church…whereby the LDS Church also do not find acceptable the sexual relationship between two men or two women. There are many throughout this world that are not members of the LDS Church and have no knowledge of the Church or its teachings and some of them also live Polygamist Lives, also Homosexual Lives and that is their choice…many may be living in and around where you live, many could even be neighbours to the Darger’s and are not Fundamentalists Mormons in any way with their Plural Marriages; some could also live in the Homosexual Relationships that many through-out the world also have problems with.

    In reality, I can-not say that I condone the way the Darger’s live, but I do not condemn it either, I do neither Judge them or Ignore them, but I do congratulate them upon bringing up the large amount of children in the moral manner they do and congratulate them for using LDS material in the Spiritual Teaching of their children.

    Joe, Elina, Val and Vikki and their children may not be LDS Members, but I accept them as my Brothers and Sisters, God Bless to them all and to you dear reader if you go on and purchase this wonderful book, please read with an open mind about a family who try and contribute to society and not live off it in hand outs…recommended.

    • Joe says:

      What a wonderful review, thank you! Our son is a member of the LDS Church, we accept all mankind as Brothers and Sisters, but have a special appreciation for those church members who magnify their faith in love as you so apparently do. Thank you Martin.

      • Martin Swift says:

        Thanks for response Joe…I also appreciate your comments and wish you, your wives and children all the health and happiness that you are looking for…I’ve just also read the book ‘Becoming Sister Wives’ on my Kindle and left a review about that book for all to see soon and while I doubt that we’ll meet to shake hands or even embrace in a brotherly hug in this life, I look forward to meeting up with you all in the eternities…God Bless.

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