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Waffles and More Waffles

Without intending to, we created a family tradition a few years ago. It all started one Sunday and we enjoyed it so much that we did it the next Sunday . . . and the next one and the one … Continue reading

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A Doggy Fairy Tale!

Once upon a time there was a dog — a German shepherd, to be precise. We called her Hunter. She was much like “Tramp” in the movie “Lady and the Tramp.” She lived not at one residence but had many … Continue reading

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My Main Squeeze

Let’s go by 7 p.m., he says. Okay, I’ll be ready. I get dolled up, dress up a little, do my make up, tussle with my hair. Ready when you are!

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Something’s Fishy – It’s Crowded In Our Polygamous Household!

Most days I have much to accomplish before my head can hit the pillow. By the time it does, I am usually exhausted and yearning for a long, deep sleep that will leave me refreshed and ready for the new … Continue reading

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Rolling With Life – Mishaps Happen In Polygamous Life Too!

Fortunately, we have a few teens in our polygamous family who are able to run errands for us when we’re super busy. Unfortunately, they are somewhat inexperienced drivers.

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Eat, Pray, Work?

My 9-year-old daughter Kyley likes to write. Awhile ago I found her seated at my computer, busily typing away. Kyley later let me read what she had written, which gave me a peek into how she sees her life — … Continue reading

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