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Luau Birthday Girl

  Here is Sabrina who won the Hula hoop contest, and would have kept going but Tavish got impatient and bumped her ‘accidentally on purpose’.

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Darger Family Addition! I’m A Grandma!

I am exhausted and am sure will add more detail later, but early this morning, 12:39 to be exact I became a grandmother! Asher Levi Langford, a beautiful baby boy was born, an 8.4 lbs healthy young man. She started … Continue reading

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Screw Happy

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Getting Back To Center

As my teenagers would say, “I just got told!” I’ve been reading the many comments (both kind and truthful) posted regarding my little pity party. Boy, do I feel sheepish. I so appreciate all the love and support  that everyone has poured out upon me and I … Continue reading

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Easter Weekend

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Determine Your Personal Decorating Style

At first sign of spring, I want to deep clean and redecorate. Who am I kidding? I just look for an excuse anytime. I love helping people with their projects and was thrilled when my friend wanted decorating advice; so … Continue reading

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Variety: The Spice Of Life

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Hurray for PLAYLAND!

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Our Story of Faith-Victoria’s Accident One Year Ago Today

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Boston Can Read!

Boston just turned 4, and this week, he read his first book—Jig and Mag.  He still sounds out some of the words first before he says them but some words he knows on sight.  I am so excited!

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