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Love Your Enemies

I have often read or heard repeated the scripture from Matthew 22:39 to “Love thy neighbor as they self,” with a listening more along the lines as a should instead of the listening as possibility. In other words, I got … Continue reading

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Teenager Thoughts On My 43rd Birthday

Today I turn 43. I feel very blessed with the family I have. My children bring me so much joy. If you are going to have a large family I think a good sense of humor is essential.

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5 Wives Vodka and Sisterwives Political Correctness

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that Idaho has banned a Utah Distillery that is making vodka and labeling it 5 Wives Vodka. Idaho regulators have decided not to stock an Ogden distillery’s Five Wives Vodka even though Utah liquor regulators … Continue reading

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My New Boyfriend

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is “Can you have more than one husband?” My answer to that is “I can but it is not what I choose and not part of our faith. I am free … Continue reading

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Boston Can Read!

Boston just turned 4, and this week, he read his first book—Jig and Mag.  He still sounds out some of the words first before he says them but some words he knows on sight.  I am so excited!

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Is Santa A Polygamist?

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We ARE Polygamists!

Today my son came home from football practice and as is usually the case, fills me in on some of the details of his day.  He said a friend told him his mom was reading our book and she liked … Continue reading

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