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MRC TV Interview on DOMA

We recently did an interview with the conservative Media Research Center. They plan to have several links to the interview which was done over Skype. I suppose Skype is the new way interviews will continue to be done but I … Continue reading

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Polygamy, The Slippery Slope They Fear

Yesterday not only marked the Supreme Court’s landmark decision, but was also Liesl’s birthday and the day we dropped my son Caleb off at the Missionary Training Center to begin his LDS Church mission to Taiwan. One day later, marks … Continue reading

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My Article In On Polygamy And Marriage Rights

I originally wrote this article on on April 13th of this month. While much has been said about marriage equality recently I thought it was time for us to share our thoughts about the topic.

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Why “My Three Wives” Special On TLC

Since we published Love Times Three in the fall of 2011, we have stated several reasons for our activism (see earlier posts). The injustice of criminalizing our family, our lifestyle and thousands of people like us occur by allowing the … Continue reading

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Plygcation with the Brown’s on Sisterwives

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Election Day, A Polygamous Perspective

On Sunday a French Film crew showed up unannounced at our door step. How they had tracked us down I don’t know. When I answered the front door the reporter asked in a heavy French accent if she could ask … Continue reading

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Live Chat on Replayed

We did our first live chat this morning in Canada. We had participants from all over North America, and we ran out of time to get to all the questions according to our moderator. It was the first time we … Continue reading

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ABC To Air Tonight On 20/20

The last time I thought we were scheduled to air ABC rescheduled our piece. But now they are advertising it so look for it tonight on ABC, check local listings for the time.

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TIME Magazine Video on Polygamy and Darger Family

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Brown’s Sisterwives Lawsuit In Court Again Today

The State has once again tried to dismiss the lawsuit filed by the Brown’s, of TLC’s Sisterwives as they stated the case had “mootness.” In the legal system, a matter is moot if further legal proceedings with regard to it … Continue reading

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