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Happy Appearances

Here we go again!  Somebody thinks we are not happy, big surprise! So we get challenged with questions about our personal life, questions that people wouldn’t dream of asking their closest friends such as details about our intimate lives. It … Continue reading

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BBC World Service Interviews the Darger’s on Polygamy

We recently completed an interview for the BBC.  We went downtown to a local radio station. It seems the British are the most fascinated with the aspects of Vicki and Valerie as twins as that seems to get brought up … Continue reading

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Darger Polygamous Family Comments On BBC Story On Mitt Romney

We recently did an interview with the BBC’s John Sweeney. It was clear to us right from the beginning that he had a slant he was trying to portray. We are used to American media, who are a bit more … Continue reading

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Why A Polygamous Marriage With My Twin Sister?

We just had an article published in the UK on my marriage. For the most part, I am happy with how it turned oul, however it was not written by me in the first person the way it is presented. The … Continue reading

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Australian Documentary on Mormon Polygamy

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Grandfathers Magazine Article

I never really knew my grandfather, actually my mother’s step-father, a brother to her real father who died when she was a baby.  He lived 5 hours away and we had only visited a handful of times in my youth.  … Continue reading

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20/20 ABC to Air Story On Risking Jail As A Polygamous Family

Tonight is the big debut of 20/20 on our polygamous family.  We have done a lot of media, and this story was supposed to debut when the other media came out in September, but for various reasons they delayed it … Continue reading

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Our Son and The Mighty Sequoyah Get Interviewed

When we wrote the book we realized that an important voice to be heard would be our children.  We wanted those that wrote to be over 18 so that they could write from a mature perspective but still give a … Continue reading

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On air tomorrow with Talk of the Nation!

Big media day for us tomorrow. We will be on NPR’s Talk of the Nation Wednesday, which airs locally from noon to 2 p.m. in Salt Lake on 90.1 FM and 90.3 FM in St. George. We are supposed to … Continue reading

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Coming Off the Spin Cycle

On Friday we as family went on the Bill O’Reilly Factor show. Click here for the link. He calls the show the “no-spin” zone, yet I felt like that is exactly what happened. We did not expect him to be … Continue reading

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