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Sisterwives New Season And Acceptance For Polygamy

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Polygamy, The Slippery Slope They Fear

Yesterday not only marked the Supreme Court’s landmark decision, but was also Liesl’s birthday and the day we dropped my son Caleb off at the Missionary Training Center to begin his LDS Church mission to Taiwan. One day later, marks … Continue reading

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My Article In On Polygamy And Marriage Rights

I originally wrote this article on on April 13th of this month. While much has been said about marriage equality recently I thought it was time for us to share our thoughts about the topic.

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The Dargers Visit The Browns On This Season Of TLC’s Sisterwives

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ABC To Air Tonight On 20/20

The last time I thought we were scheduled to air ABC rescheduled our piece. But now they are advertising it so look for it tonight on ABC, check local listings for the time.

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Polygamy In The News

    Judge grills state attorney seeking to dismiss ‘Sister Wives’ lawsuit over Utah bigamy law By Dennis Romboy , Deseret News

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BBC World Service Interviews the Darger’s on Polygamy

We recently completed an interview for the BBC.  We went downtown to a local radio station. It seems the British are the most fascinated with the aspects of Vicki and Valerie as twins as that seems to get brought up … Continue reading

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Utah County Comes To Party Late, Drops Polygamy Investigation

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5 Wives Vodka and Sisterwives Political Correctness

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that Idaho has banned a Utah Distillery that is making vodka and labeling it 5 Wives Vodka. Idaho regulators have decided not to stock an Ogden distillery’s Five Wives Vodka even though Utah liquor regulators … Continue reading

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Darger Polygamous Family Comments On BBC Story On Mitt Romney

We recently did an interview with the BBC’s John Sweeney. It was clear to us right from the beginning that he had a slant he was trying to portray. We are used to American media, who are a bit more … Continue reading

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