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Sisterwives New Season And Acceptance For Polygamy

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Polygamy, The Slippery Slope They Fear

Yesterday not only marked the Supreme Court’s landmark decision, but was also Liesl’s birthday and the day we dropped my son Caleb off at the Missionary Training Center to begin his LDS Church mission to Taiwan. One day later, marks … Continue reading

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Our Curious Relationship With Centennial Park Arizona

Members from the polygamous community of Centennial Park were recently featured in a special called Polygamy USA which aired on National Geographic. We have not seen it yet but understand it to be well done. We are excited to watch … Continue reading

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What does it all mean?

Today I had a breakdown. I have been working out of town, getting a new project off the ground. I was in the middle of a stressful budget planning meeting when I got a call from Vicki. “Our gas just … Continue reading

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More Polygamous Family Traditions

Our family has many traditions centered around Easter. When I realized the holiday would fall on the last Sunday in March, I suddenly felt the need to jump on the planning and preparation. It takes a lot to coordinate things … Continue reading

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Twins In A Polygamous Marriage

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Val and I have always had very distinct personalities, and as result very different styles.  When we were very young, my mom would sometimes dress us in identical outfits.  I imagine she would have had us dressed alike more often … Continue reading

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Love Your Enemies

I have often read or heard repeated the scripture from Matthew 22:39 to “Love thy neighbor as they self,” with a listening more along the lines as a should instead of the listening as possibility. In other words, I got … Continue reading

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Darger Family Is Because

Like many plural families, Vicki, Valerie, Alina and I grew up in fear. We were afraid of the government, we were afraid of police, we were afraid of outsiders, we were afraid to be ourselves. It became very natural for … Continue reading

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Luau Birthday Girl

  Here is Sabrina who won the Hula hoop contest, and would have kept going but Tavish got impatient and bumped her ‘accidentally on purpose’.

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Good Ol’ Smoothie Time

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