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Beat The Summer Heat With This Refreshing Snack-Frozen Yogurt Pops


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If Homosexuality Is Not A Choice, Is Polygamy?

I have often said that I was born a polygamist, from my earliest memories of sexuality I can remember being attracted to multiple women. In this vein I found the following blog post interesting. In it Renn, an anonymous polygamous … Continue reading

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Mom To Be At 43! Part Three


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Mom To Be At 43! Part Two

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Mom To Be At 43! Part One


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Polygamy, The Slippery Slope They Fear

Yesterday not only marked the Supreme Court’s landmark decision, but was also Liesl’s birthday and the day we dropped my son Caleb off at the Missionary Training Center to begin his LDS Church mission to Taiwan. One day later, marks … Continue reading

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Our Reaction To Supreme Court Ruling On DOMA and Prop 8.

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Our Curious Relationship With Centennial Park Arizona

Members from the polygamous community of Centennial Park were recently featured in a special called Polygamy USA which aired on National Geographic. We have not seen it yet but understand it to be well done. We are excited to watch … Continue reading

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Polygamists Go On Monogamous-like Vacations

Everyone needs a vacation sometime, it doesn’t matter who you are. Polygamous husbands need them, plural wives need them. Sometimes polygamous husbands and one of their wives decide to take a vacation, mono y mono. We have all been on … Continue reading

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When the Husband is Away, The Wives…

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