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Mr. Mom! A Polygamous Dad’s Journal Part 2

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The Mighty Sequoyah Performance At Rooftoop Concert

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Plygcation with the Brown’s on Sisterwives

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Luau Birthday Girl

  Here is Sabrina who won the Hula hoop contest, and would have kept going but Tavish got impatient and bumped her ‘accidentally on purpose’.

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The Bundt

Each year for my birthday, a gift I give to myself is a specialty birthday cake–made by  me. Part of the gift is the joy of baking.  Strange as that may seem it’s sort of like my Calgon moment.  I … Continue reading

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Trains and Tots

Ever since Boston could sit up he LOVED trains!  He would take whatever toys were at hand; Matchbox Cars, Legos, Polly Pockets (he has a lot of sisters), blocks, and even books and form them into a long line, when … Continue reading

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Back From Our Favorite Vacation Spot, Lake Powell!

We just took the parents, and a few of the younger kids for babysitters. Now trying to play catch up for all of the time off.

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Pioneer Day In Our Polygamous Household

Today is Pioneer Day, the day 164 years ago that the Mormon pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley. It is a state holiday, one we usually spend picnicking, camping or boating. But, since my husband has been gone 18 of … Continue reading

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Our Polygamous Family Packing For A Family Trip To Lake Powell

First, there are lists to be made! Food lists, clothes lists, tents, sleeping bags, life jackets, camp chairs, firewood, water and did I mention food lists? We know we go through a lot of food in a week but when … Continue reading

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