Colorado City Accident

We are sad to hear the news of the tragic life of young people from Plural Families on the Arizona Utah boarder. It looks like many of these children were from families from the FLDS community, some from members outside of that community, and others from families that may have been kicked out. While we don’t personally know the families, we know from some of our sources that the communities are hurting at this tragic loss.

We know that some of these families have no resources and their families are hurting. If any of you can donate we have teamed up with Principle Voices to collect funds, 100% of which will go directly to the families of the victims involved.

You can read the story at the Salt Lake Tribune.

Please contact a Wells Fargo Bank and donate funds in behalf of “Priniple Voices,¬†Accident Victims Fund”.

Our prayers go out to these families at this time. All too often people try to “help” plural families as victims without helping. This however is a way to let people there know that people care for them and help families in pain.

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