Daily Bread–Including Recipe

As you might imagine, we go through a LOT of food! Especially bread. We all grew up on it, it’s inexpensive, healthy, delicious and versatile! I love to enjoy a piece of toast in the morning with butter and cinnamon-sugar alongside my eggs overeasy, I could eat sandwiches every day for lunch and never tire of it. Let me qualify that, they have to be good sandwiches, made to my liking with mayonnaise, mustard, pepper-jack cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, avocados, roasted turkey, and don’t forget pickles…better than Big Mac any day! And then of course the kids love it for an after school snack. But I digress.
If I ate 4 to 6 slices of bread per day, and so did the other 20 members of my household, and there are about 12 slices to a loaf of our homemade bread…do the math, we would go through 7 to 10 loaves every day, which isn’t actually that far off. Some eat more some days and some eat less. We make bread from scratch, even grinding our own wheat. Funny story, we had a woman come to our home to interview us and we were talking about how much less expensive it is to make bread instead of buy it and I proceeded to tell her that we grind our own wheat. She looked surprised and said “What do you do it with, a mortar and pestle?” She was serious. She’s from New York.

The bread we make is healthy and simple, as opposed to many of the store-bought variety. There are more healthy breads you can buy but quickly become too expensive for a large family. I don’t even know what half the stuff is on some of those ingredient lists. We use whole wheat, olive oil, honey or brown sugar and sometimes some other grains.
I don’t like running out of bread but we mothers simply don’t have time to make it every day. I told the teenage kids, if they want bread to snack on bread they are going to have to start helping us make it, so now they allĀ take a turn. It gets made at least every other day

and sometimes more than that. The kids are doing a great job, thanks to our Nutrimill wheat grinder, Bosch mixer and Val’s great recipe. If they follow it, even Ashton, our 13 year old boy can do it. Sabrina, who is 9, decided that she wanted to learn to make bread and added that to her list of New Years Resolutions/Goals. Last week, she made it for the first time. She is going to be a natural in the kitchen, she just gets it. That is more than I can say for Liesl, who is 16. Bless her heart, she tries, but things just don’t turn out. Let’s just say I hope her future husband is either not very picky or a good cook himself.

Here is the recipe:

Val’s Homemade Bread

6 cups lukewarm water

3 tablespoons yeast

1 cup brown sugar or honey

1 cup olive oil

3/4 cup gluten

3 tablespoons salt

8-10 cups whole wheat flour

Put warm water, yeast, sugar and salt into mixing bowl. Stir and let stand for five minutes. Add oil. While mixer is running on low gradually add flour, adding extra if dough is too sticky to handle (dough should pull away from sides of mixing bowl. Knead dough for five minutes. Let rise until double.

Grease 5 to 6 bread pans with oil. Divide dough into equal portions, shape into loafs and drop into pans. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Let dough rise again in pans until double. Bake for 35 minutes. Remove from pans to a cooling rack immediately.

Sometimes I add things like leftover mashed potatoes, hot cereal, milk, applesauce, oatmeal, other grains, lecithin, some vitamins etc., adjusting flour accordingly to the right texture. One thing that canĀ ruin it is not letting it rise enough in the pans.
Also, my mother recently told me that she switched to instant yeast and skips the step of letting it stand 5 minutes in the beginning and the step of letting it rise in the bowl, just letting it rise in the pan before baking. I’m going to try that. Even little time savers help. I’ll keep you posted. :)

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18 Responses to Daily Bread–Including Recipe

  1. Marsa McCool-Solis of ourazfamily says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. We have been buying the healthier bread and it adds up quickly for our family. My husband is very anxious to try your recipe as he is the chef in our family. We will have to let you know how it turns out. :)

  2. q says:

    Do we have to use gluten for the recipe? Is there something else I can use? I would like to try this soon. Thank you:)

  3. Tina holman says:

    Thanks, I am always in favor of heathy eating and as a Mom I think we set the tone for the whole family. I teach Yoga and am constantly thinking of ways to be Mindful, and Mindful eating in a great focus, Home made bread is not only being healthy but being mindful of what we put in our bodies and taking care of ourselves and our families! Your children are lucky you care about what they are eating!!! GOOD MOM’s …

  4. Liz M. says:

    After reading your book and seeing the pictures, as well as pictures and videos posted on the Internet, I can’t help but notice the lack of childhood obesity that is so common today. Nowadays it is not unusual to see fat parents with fat kids, and even fat pets.

  5. Melly Queen says:

    I didn’t realize you had recipes posted until this moment! And a happy moment it is :)
    I make our bread, too – or at least I try. We’re only a family of three, so it’s not so urgent. Nothing is as awesome as homemade bread though. lol Thanks for the recipe.

  6. Ebelyn says:

    I just saw this. Its only my hubby and myself,but I’ve got to try this. Thanks so much. You have such a wonderful family. All of them.

  7. Stacy says:

    Thanks for this! Been looking for a good recipe for our large family so I won’t have to buy bread anymore. One question…where do you buy gluten???

  8. Missy says:

    I haven’t been able to find any gluten either, but I’m going to try it without. I make potato bread for my husband and kids a few times a week so I’m going to try something new. You have a lovely family and I really enjoyed watching the show the other day. Looking forward to more.

  9. Amy says:

    I made this recipe last week before Christmas and it was excellent! I needed 12 cups flour, though. It made 6 nice loaves, and rose very quickly, I was surprised. We are always looking for ways to cut corners and save money, and finding a nice bread recipe was difficult. Most are too dense, but this one is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Deb says:

    Sounds simple enough. Maybe it’s time to put my big girl pants on and just attempt a real loaf of bread! I can cook anything EXCEPT bread products. Ugh. And I’ll spare you and not mention what happens when I attempt a pie crust (I am still curled in a fetal position! ) I am not at all familiar with your family (not tv watchers, sorry) but thank you for the recipe! It will be a fun endeavor!

  11. Tammy says:

    I make this all the time now for the family. Thank-you! :)

  12. Natalie says:

    I started making this recipe about two months ago. It took me about three tries to work out my kinks (I had never made bread before) but now I love it! I never thought it could be so easy and my three year old daughter loves to help! I only have a family of four so I slice up my bread and freeze some so it lasts longer. I took a loaf into school with me (I am a teacher) and now my whole team is making their own bread! We even thought about taking turns and making bigger batches to save time. Thanks for such a great recipe!

  13. Jake29 says:

    I love bread especially homemade bread!!!
    There’s only one problem…..I’m not able to cook everything that contains yeast……oh yes that means I am not able to do all the desserts(cakes,muffins)
    But I’m very expert making the first and second plates(or course …..here in italy we call it plates) I’m talking about pasta, fish, meat and also salads >.<
    Well I will try to do it someday….hehehehe XD
    Ps:you've got to assure me that is a simple recipe….or I will fail again XD

  14. Teresa Gower says:

    I am very excited about this recipe! I have been making bread for our family for years but have not used honey, I really like this idea as honey is so very good for you. While shopping at the local store they had a sale if you bought a peanut butter and a jam you got a free loaf of bread. I took the bread, thinking I could donate it to the food bank. Of course the loaf got shoved to the back of the shelf and forgotten for about two weeks. There was no mold on the loaf at all when I found it. I threw it away. Im not sure what they put in bread to give it shelf life, but I am sure I dont want my family to eat it. The recipe you have here is for more bread than I would make at one time but I feel sure I could cut the recipe in half with not problem. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Diane says:

    Hello,Our Family Enjoyed Watching Yours On Your Show! Hoping To See Much More About The Positives Of This Way Of Life!
    I Would Love To Try This Recipe! Is There A Substitute For Making This Without Gluten?If Not, Where Do We Find Gluten? A Health Food Store Perhaps? I’ve Never Used Gluten As An Ingredient
    This Sounds Wonderful Though! We’re Going To Make Bread, Rolls and freeze Dough For Easy Loaf Making For The Month.
    Keep Being A Great Example Of A Truly Loving Family!Thank You!

  16. Michelle says:

    I baked this bread and it turned out wonderful (I froze several of the loaves and thawed as needed)! The gluten keeps the 100% wheat flour from being so dense. I will use this again. Thanks for sharing.

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