Darger Family Addition! I’m A Grandma!

I am exhausted and am sure will add more detail later, but early this morning, 12:39 to be exact I became a grandmother! Asher Levi Langford, a beautiful baby boy was born, an 8.4 lbs healthy young man. She started in labor at about 3:30 a. m. , for a full 21 hours of labor.

I am so proud of my daughter Laura and her husband Taylor. As a first time mother, things did not go smooth for her but she kept working like a trooper. Taylor was so tender and attentive, affectionate when it was called for; and accommodating when she was struggling. I could not ask for a more loving son in law for my daughter, nor could I be more grateful for a daughter.

We had the boy in our home, in Valerie’s room to be exact. Valerie and Vicki were there to coach, massage and encourage as well. Taylor’s sister, Jannette and Joe were outside keeping support and getting us things we needed, and our two midwives, Colleen and Heidi were simply amazing. Their skill and attentiveness at the right times were crucial in this difficult birth.

We have always believed birth to be a natural process, but certainly one that comes easier with skilled hands on the receiving end. The last 45 minutes were critical and they were able to bring him to us with Heavenly Father’s help at the crucial moment when time was of the essence for him to have a healthy start. I cannot say enough about them.

Mom and Dad are resting. I have been up until 4 a.m. Joe and my sisterwives helped with breakfast, getting kids to school and covering work for me. I am so grateful to them, to all those who prayed and encourage us. We feel very blessed and humbled.

I will relate more of my personal experience later as I am overwhelmed with emotion, exhaustion and gratitude.


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12 Responses to Darger Family Addition! I’m A Grandma!

  1. S. says:

    Congratulations!! That is so exciting and I am so happy for you all! Glad that she was able to have him at your home–I remember reading that you were concerned about a delivery in Mexico–worked out well :)

  2. Courtnee says:

    What a blessing! So happy for you! Enjoy being grandparents! <3

  3. Michelle says:

    Congratulations grandma!! Just a quick question? How will the grandma names work? Does each wife get a name? I know this is a new road for your family but I was just curious?? Congratulations again!!

  4. MarriedUK says:

    Congratulations. How exciting! Tempted to have another do that they can play together???

  5. Shannon says:

    He is beautiful… Congratulations to you all!!!

  6. Muslimah says:

    Congratulations on your first grandchild! I hope your daughter is recovering quickly.

  7. Rachel says:

    If I had known how wonderful grandkids are…I would’ve had them first.

  8. Natja says:

    Congratulations! You must be so proud!!!


  9. Stephania says:

    Congrats! and that baby and mom are doing well It’s so neat how babies can have this super innocent but young and old look at the same time, like they know something we don’t- which they probably do! Like an angel with a dash of WC Fields tossed in. Wow 8.4, yes that must have been tough- I had one a little bigger than that a long time ago- I’m so glad everything worked out great and she has so much support. Instead of people complaining about whose turn it is, (that’s if you’re lucky in mono situations) I bet each grandma relishes every moment and he sure looks well-loved by the other kids, What a lucky baby he is!

  10. John Nomads says:

    Congratulations! Asher is such a sweety, i’m sure you’ll treasure the baby time because they grow up so fast.

  11. Teresa says:

    Congratulations on becoming a grandma! Taylor and Laura are very blessed…..and so is Asher. I will be a grandma in December 2012 for the first time to a grandson and my son and daughter-in-law have picked out the name Benjamin Cole. I am so excited and nervous….lol Take care of all and God Bless.

  12. Renee says:

    So happy for you this is very awesome and wonderful. I am happy your family got to be a part of this whole beautiful experience. I am sure this little boy will no boundless love , so many aunts and uncles . He has grandma’s that will cherish his most wonderful moments. A grandpa that will love him beyond the stars.
    God Bless all of you in your wonderful family.

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