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I think I have always been an interior design junkie. When I was a child I would daydream about design, spending hours drawing layouts of rooms and furniture to fill them. In my mind I redecorated an old space over and over, imagining ways to make it more beautiful and functional. In those days (giving my age away) if you wanted to learn about design you went to college for a degree or checked out whatever book or magazine that was available from the local library. Today is an entirely different story; this junkie can get her “fix” from many dealers. These include HGTV, DIY Network, Martha Stewart, Pinterest and so many other places.

Interior design is a passion for me, a hobby and a job. It is one of the most rewarding and fun things I do. I have spent years reading, taking classes, and watching instructional videos about interior design. It has also taken me in a direction I never anticipated; holiday decorating.

Our Parisian Cafe under the stars.

Every year Valerie, Vicki and I decorate homes and offices for the holidays and I love it. We always have a blast decorating our own Christmas trees and home as well for our holiday parties. Even Joe gets in on the action, giving his input and ideas for themes. In past years some of our themes have been, a blue Christmas, a New York metropolitan Christmas in sleek silver and black, and a traditional country Christmas.

This year our theme was winter wonderland in Paris. We made French food and transformed our kitchen and dining room to a Parisian café. We wanted it to feel like the night sky with stars, under billowy clouds. We stapled icicle lights to the ceiling laying them out flat, (LED so they wouldn’t get hot) and then draped white tulle over the top. Then we suspended sparkly silver and white snowflakes at varying heights. The result was soft and beautiful. For our centerpieces we had miniature Eiffel towers and lanterns.

Everyone loved it so much we left the lights up until our annual Valentine Day party and carried the French theme on for that as well. The little girls called them the “romance lights” and had several tea parties and sleep overs under the stars.

The same Christmas decor changed up for Valentine's Day

With the holidays far behind us now, I look forward to spring and all the opportunities it brings for fresh new design. And as a junkie, I always need to have something current!

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2 Responses to Design Junkie

  1. Shirlee says:

    Gorgeous! I love how you’ve got it goin’ on!

  2. mandy r says:

    Are you on Pinterest? You would LOVE that site!

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