Election Day, A Polygamous Perspective

On Sunday a French Film crew showed up unannounced at our door step. How they had tracked us down I don’t know. When I answered the front door the reporter asked in a heavy French accent if she could ask me a few questions. She wanted to find a polygamous family and wanted to know our thoughts on the election.

While I am tired of the cliched and shallow links of us to Romney and Mormonism, I do want to take the time on this election day to express our thoughts. Much to the dismay of the French crew we are supporting neither Romney or Obama, but rather Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate who if he had at least allowed to be in the debates would have kept it interesting.

We are grateful for our right to vote and encourage everyone to vote today. But more importantly we encourage you to keep the politicians accountable to why you vote! Stay involved and keep your voice heard. We love that polygamy is neither a conservative or a liberal principle.  We need to avoid the divide and hold our leaders accountable to the things that matter.

For example, we all can stand for human rights and that people are treated as people and that they matter more than corporate interests. When over 1 Billion is spent on this campaign you have to wonder who really controls the race.  My conservative friends care just as much about their kids and this country as my liberal friends. In the end it is about us all taking care of each other and the world we live in.  For example, there has not been one mention on the climate change in the debates, as both politicians campaigned through one of the hottest summers in history, and we experienced one of the worst storms ever on the east coast.

Until we take care of our planet, take care of the weakest among us, and treat each other as people we will continue to change Presidents and politicians but persist in our ineffectiveness.We will continue to use this blog, other media, and our political involvement, and our voice for true change. Freedom for our family and others like us is important, but it does not stop there. It is important that we spread love to all we come into contact with.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is a way of life and it is on us all whether we believe or not, to treat one another with love. “Ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men.” 2 Nephi 31-20.

Thank you for all who have supported us, thank you to all of you who agree or disagree with us but still stay in the conversation because you care to make a difference. May whoever wins the election today have all of our prayers to lead this country out of the destruction it is heading for.


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4 Responses to Election Day, A Polygamous Perspective

  1. Johnnomads says:

    Hello Dargeres,
    thanks to your blog, we found out about Gov Johnson, and gave him our support. As the country heals, we can hope that our re-elected president will borrow Gov. Johnson’s marriage equality platform and continue the debate.
    All our best to you

  2. Clark says:

    Locally in my area, this summer produced some flash flooding unseen inside the past hundred years. . . . and yet while excavating for some new construction, I observed rock and clay only a few feet beneath the present surface with a mixture of clay and rock of substantial size. . . with flat rock standing on end in a manner that could only have happened in a massive mud flow that would have only occurred in a sudden or violent flow, or an incredibly soggy spring with ten times the soaked-in moisture than anyone has seen in the past one hundred and fifty years. . . . . and at that depth certainly within a few hundred years. . . .

    Your comments suggest you actually believe the current fashion of thought on climate change. . . . without understanding the scale of chaotic events that have been ongoing throughout earth history. Climate change, in terms of hundred-year variations, are evident in geologic records such as ice core studies, pollen studies in sediments under lakes, etc. is the rule, not the exception. We have been on an extended warm cycle now for over ten thousand years, but even so Abraham would have enjoyed a more warm and humid period than we are now worried about.

    I suppose being an outlier on a social normative scale has no correlation to our ability to accept different opinions on the daily news.

    Asking questions about what we’re told by “authority” on marriage norms might not be of any more importance to most Americans than questioning the fashions of thought in other areas. . . . but such efforts are always essential to keeping freedom and truth on the table.

  3. Mike Hyde says:

    I truly hope there is a change in the laws of not only Utah, but elsewhere too. As a long-time supporter of polygamy, I have seen good families and then of course those that wind up in the news for the evil they commit.

    Keep on with the beautiful thing you are all achieving.


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