Getting Kids To Sleep In Their Own Bed

Anyone have trouble getting kids to sleep in their own bed? Well, I have a 4 year old that still continually wants to sleep in my bed with me, and I let him when he’s not feeling well especially if Joe is not with me.  I admit I like to snuggle but it isn’t always a snuggly enjoyable time.  However, I have managed to get my 18 month old in her own bed making my nights much more restful! I got some tips from a parenting magazine and they really worked for me.  Some people say to put the baby in the crib and let them cry themselves to sleep for as long as it takes, just don’t get them out or they will always think they can get you to give in. But I just had such a hard time with that, and my kids would be diehards, I know it, crying for hours upon end.  I know they would tug at my heartstrings and sense my anguish. No, this method wouldn’t work for me.
My baby now sleeps on her own…yay! For the first week I put her in the crib, not leaving the room, and spoke softly to her. I told her I loved her and that she was a big girl to sleep in her own bed.

 She wasn’t really buying it but I felt better about that then to just leave her all alone. The next week I would put her to bed and leave the room but stay close-by so I could go in every so often to reassure her of my love, and speak peaceful words to her. It still broke my heart to see her cry but I stuck it out! (Although sometimes the kids would get her out because they couldn’t bear to hear her cry). After about fifteen minutes she would fall asleep. We haven’t much room in our house so her crib is in my bedroom and one thing I didn’t like about the ‘let them cry it out’ method was that I wouldn’t be able to use my room for however long it took, but now I can go in and out as I need to and she will still lay in her bed. Sometimes she cries a little, sometimes she lays there for a time and sings herself to sleep, and sometimes she goes right to sleep but I can come and go as I need to.

Now she wakes up every night like clockwork for a drink of water, and then goes right back to sleep…usually. Of course there is always the exception. This makes it much easier for the babysitter i
f I ever have to leave her at night. Before this many hours were spent rocking her or dancing with her.
As much as I love to snuggle with her, I do like a restful nights’ sleep. And that is what I have been getting!

Share with us some tips that have worked for you!

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4 Responses to Getting Kids To Sleep In Their Own Bed

  1. Arleen Cromwell says:

    What a cutie. I am a psychologist and have helped a lot of people with this issue. You could try to go to the 4 years old bed instead of letting him in your bed. Since you don’t like to be the meanie, try putting a chair by the bed, let him hold your hand at first till he goes to sleep–then the next night–sit by the bed till he goes to sleep without holding his hand-gradually diminish your presence as needed–put the chair by the door-outside the door-etc. Take a lot of work but should be successful.

  2. Beth says:

    Vick, I haven’t really had a problem with kids wanting to sleep with me too much, just a little wandering in some nights. I never co-sleep with my babies though, maybe that’s why. Anyway, my SIL has a major problem with her 3 year old twins who won’t sleep in their own beds. Her doctor gave her this advice: Find the most awesome sleeping bag you can for Mr. B and tell him he can sleep in it on your floor, not the bed. After a while, move the sleeping bag to his own bed and tell him he can only have it if he stays put. I don’t know if it’ll work, but it’s not a terrible idea…

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