Happy Thanksgiving

To day is one of our favorite times of the year. We don’t have all of our kids here this year.  However, we typically have an amazing thanksgiving feast and take the time to all express our gratitude for one another. Today we are pinning a blank paper on the back of each person. We will then each go around and write one descriptive word on the paper for each person at the table.  We hope all of you have a prosperous, warm and close thanksgiving.

Today I was in the store getting some last minute things. I wished the clerk a happy Thanksgiving and asked him if he had plans.

“No,” he replied, “there is just me.”

I invited him to come to ours but he respectfully declined. It made me grateful I am not alone this Thanksgiving.  We hope that each of you are at least able to reach out an connect to someone in your life you are grateful.

For every opportunity and every experience; for family and friends, for comfort and prosperity, trials and difficulty, for the freedoms we enjoy, the plan of our Savior and opportunities of love; for life itself, we acknowledge your hand in all and THANK YOU FATHER ABOVE; in all of this we thank you FOR YOUR LOVE.

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